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Project Management Question Bank
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To create the status report, you have collected the data for value of completed work, actual duration, actual completed work, etc. These data are examples of:
  1. Work performance data
  2. Work performance information
  3. Work performance measurement
  4. Performance data

Q2. You are using a technique involving the project’s risk and uncertainty to find the probability of completing the project under different situations. What process is this?

  1. Estimate activity duration
  2. Perform qualitative risk analysis
  3. Develop schedule
  4. Perform quantitative risk analysis
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Q3. You are the Project Manager for the production of an exotic car. You have completed the Define Scope process for your project. Which of the following may be generated through this process?

  1. Project scope statement, project charter
  2. Project scope statement, updates to requirements traceability matrix
  3. WBS, updates to requirements traceability matrix
  4. Project scope statement, WBS
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Q4. You have just taken over a project from another project manager about six months into a 12-month project. As you get to know the staff on the project, you become aware that five staff members are relatives of the previous project manager. What do you do?

  1. Notify your project stakeholders there is a possibility that nepotism was behind some of the staffing decisions made on your project
  2. Check recruitment records of all employees
  3. Report the HR manager to PMI
  4. Interview these five employees
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Q5. A stakeholder register contains all the information about the stakeholders. Which of the following is not included in the stakeholder register?

  1. List of stakeholders
  2. Stakeholders’ classification
  3. Responsibility of assignments
  4. None of the above
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Q6. All of the following are inputs to the Validate Scope process EXCEPT:

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Project scope statement
  3. WBS dictionary
  4. Inspection
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Q7. Which of the following can NOT be used to measure business value?

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Revenue growth
  3. Market share
  4. Expected monetary value
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Q8. You are building a dam for a state government. Your organization is considered a specialist in dam design and overall management of construction activities. However, your organization lacks resources to execute the earth-works involved. You have subcontracted all the project’s earth-works to a local subcontractor. The quality of the subcontractor’s work is acceptable, but the subcontractor is not conforming to your organization’s health and safety standards. You escalated this to the subcontractor’s project manager, but he turned down your request. The subcontractor’s project manager is of the view that the request is out of the contract’s scope and none of the contract provisions require him to conform to your organization’s standards. You are agitated since you believe health and safety standards are globally accepted, and the contract does not have to explicitly state them. Further, according to the state law, you cannot terminate the contract since the subcontractor has not vio

  1. Go for judicial arbitration as stated in the contact’s ADR provisions
  2. Terminate the contract immediately since you will not compromise health and safety standards
  3. Withhold the subcontractor’s payments to force compliance
  4. Negotiate a contact amendment with the subcontractor requiring compliance to the standards
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Q9. Which of the following is not an example of data that may be presented in a performance report?

  1. Earned value
  2. Quality metrics
  3. Schedule variance
  4. Project charter
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Q10. Gordon is currently developing his project’s stakeholder management strategy. All enterprise environmental factors should be considered during this process. Which of the following enterprise environmental factors should be paid special attention during this process?

  1. Project templates
  2. The organization's culture and structure
  3. Commercial databases
  4. Lessons learned from past similar projects
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