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The client asks you for some minor changes to the project and you discuss this matter with your team members. One of your team members told you that he thinks that it will not affect any other project objective. What will you do now?
  1. Review the request according to integrated change control process
  2. Since the team member thinks it will not affect any project objective, implement it
  3. Ignore it
  4. None of the above

Q2. A project team is worried that the integration of the components of the project will result in uncovering flaws. Instead of continuing their work, they are constantly looking for flaws to try to prevent their system from being the only one found o have flaws during integration. Quality and technical experts were called in to advise and found little possibility of errors for this project. An agreement was reached by all parties on what will be done to prevent errors. It might be BEST for the project manager to:

  1. Smooth the situation
  2. Compromise the situation
  3. Tell the team to create quality testing plans
  4. Let management know of the concern.
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Q3. A team meeting during project executing is the BTEST format to:

  1. Determine project status.
  2. Communicate.
  3. Make changes to the project.
  4. Authorize changes to the project.
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Q4. Which of the following methods is used to provide a standard to measure performance?

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Sampling
  3. Estimating
  4. Leveling
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Q5. Anne is the project manager of a project. She has evaluated certain responses from prospective sellers and wants to select a contract model that will transfer risk to the seller. Which of the following should she select in order to achieve this?

  1. Time and Material contract
  2. Fixed price contract
  3. Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract
  4. Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee contract
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Q6. If the optimistic estimate for an activity is 12 days, and the pessimistic estimate is 18 days, what is the standard deviation of this activity?

  1. 1
  2. 1.3
  3. 6
  4. 3
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Q7. Which of the following tools will help trace the requirements to product design?

  1. Requirements traceability matrix
  2. Design traceability matrix
  3. Project scope statement
  4. Product traceability matrix
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Q8. The scope baseline provides a detailed description of project deliverables and their components that provide a basis for the measurement of changes from that baseline. In which process is the scope baseline developed?

  1. Plan scope management
  2. Create WBS
  3. Collect requirement
  4. Define scope
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Q9. After conducting a bidder conference, you receive an email from one of the bidders requesting additional information. The information was neither included in your request for proposal, nor did anyone ask for it during the bidder conference. You realize the answer to this question is critical to understanding the scope of the project. If the answer is not communicated to bidders, they cannot size their teams accurately or estimate the total duration of the project. The answer also greatly affects cost. However, the answer contains some proprietary information that, if disclosed to a competitor, may reveal the future product strategy of your company. Such a disclosure could be disastrous for a major product launch you are planning next year. You decide to send the answer to all the bidders, but you realize one of the bidders is also working closely with one of your competitors on a similar project. What should you do?

  1. Don’t send this information in writing; instead, telephone each bidding company.
  2. Send this information to all bidders except the bidder working with your competitor.
  3. Send this information to only the supplier who requested it.
  4. Require all bidders to sign a nondisclosure agreement. You may then send the information to each company that signed the NDA.
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Q10. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do when asked to complete a project two days earlier than planned?

  1. Tell senior management that the project’s critical path does not allow the project to be finished earlier.
  2. Tell your boss.
  3. Meet with the team to look at options for crashing or fast tracking the critical path.
  4. Work hard and see what the project status is next month.
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