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Project Management Question Bank

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Management is asking you to provide them with the report on the project’s status and progress. Therefore, you start preparing a report on it. You are preparing a chart where you are using a virtual activity (an aggregation of several activities) showing the summary levels so management can understand it easily. This virtual activity is known as:
  1. Milestone
  2. Control activity
  3. Hammock activity
  4. WBS activity

Q2. The requirements of many stakeholders were not approved for inclusion in your project. Therefore, you had a difficult time receiving formal approval of the project management plan for this project. The stakeholders argued and held up the project while they held meeting after meeting about their requirements. The project was finally approved and work was begun six months ago. All of the following would be good preventive actions to implement EXCEPT:

  1. Keep a file of what requirements were not included in the project.
  2. Make sue the change control process is not used as a vehicle to add back the requirements into the project.
  3. Maintain an issue log.
  4. Hold meetings with the stakeholders to go over the work that will not be added to the project.
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Q3. Activity A has ES-5, EF-10 and Activity B has ES-7, and the duration is 4 days. What kind of relationship exists between these two activities?

  1. Finish to Start
  2. Finish to Finish
  3. Start to Finish
  4. Start to Start
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Q4. What is present value (PV)

  1. Value of assets that a company owns
  2. Today’s value of future cash flows
  3. Future value of money on hand today
  4. Current value of today’s assets adjusted for inflation 9
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Q5. You are managing the project when you discover an estimated completion date will occur after the desired date. What should you do FIRST?

  1. Add resources to the project.
  2. Evaluate the possibility of doing more activities in parallel.
  3. Negotiate for more time
  4. Explain to the customer that the project cannot be done on schedule.
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Q6. A project manager knows that she can delay the start of certain activities within the project schedule to coincide with the mitigation of a known risk. She knows exactly the work and duration needed, should the risk event occur. She is confident that the finish date will not be impacted by the time delay. Which of the following aspects of schedule development has the project manager used in this situation?

  1. She has relied on her certainty that, for risk planning purposes, assumptions are considered to be true, real or certain.
  2. GERT probability factors provide her with certainty that there will be activities in the current schedule that will not be performed at all.
  3. Her float calculations have revealed those activities that allow sufficient time for the inserted activities.
  4. The project manager’s risk management plan was to build in buffer time to all the project activities during schedule development in order to cover any risk event occurrence
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Q7. Your project has a cost performance index (CPI) of 1.1, and a schedule performance index (SPI) of 1.03. All the deliverables to date have been completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Getting formal acceptance of the project management plan was difficult because the schedule was compressed beyond reason. Actvity B has float of 2 weeks, activity C has float of zero, activity D has zero float and activity E is being done by a new employee and has a float of 3 weeks. The hardest part of the project is about to start and even the project management office has asked you to increase your management oversight and report more often on the status of the project. In preparing your report you find out that the team member completing activity D reports a one day delay, the team member completing activity D reports that the material needed t o complete the activity has not arrived. The team member for activity B tells you his activity will be delayed by two days because the customer has delayed formal acceptance during the Validate Scope process. Another team member reports that the earned value-related trend report is favorable. What would you do if you were the project manager?

  1. Investigate why it was difficult to get formal acceptance of the project management plan and whether that problem added any risks to the project.
  2. Hold a meeting to walk through the upcoming difficult activities with those doing the work.
  3. Investigate the reason for the delayed material and the effect on the project
  4. Reassign resources from noncritical path activities to critical path activities and meet with the customer about activity B.
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Q8. A project manager has just been assigned to a project that has been in progress for two months when a team member requests more time on an activity he is working on. The project manager discovers that the only impact to the project will be a delay on a noncritical path activity. The customer has emphasized the importance of completing the project on schedule. What should the project manager do NEXT?

  1. Submit the information to the change control board, determine if this event might impact the team member’s future work, inform the team member of the board’s decision
  2. Ask the team member why they need more time, begin integrated change control, adjust the project schedule as needed
  3. Look for impacts to quality, cut unneeded scope from the project, ask for more resources
  4. See if any stakeholders object to the change, calculate the exact impact on the project, look at removing this resource from the project
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Q9. The project for the accounting department has been going well when the company says that it must reduce the cost of the project without changing the quality requirements. The project manager has looked to trim any resources, paid more attention to risk on upcoming activities, and even has reduced product scope, but the project remains over the new budget limit. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

  1. Get an extension of time
  2. Review expensive customer requirements that add the least benefit
  3. Suggest the project be terminated
  4. Cut 10 percent off the cost estimate of each remaining activity.
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Q10. A project manager is working on her first project that uses people from outside her country. Which of the following would be the MOST important thing to expect to occur?

  1. Added costs due to shoddy or incomplete work
  2. Language or cultural differences that preclude effective team work
  3. Increased resource planning and coordination activities
  4. Team building activities become impractical, and the cost is prohibitive.
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