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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Project Management Question Bank

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You are managing four projects in your organization. Two projects are of a similar type, but the other two are entirely different. What is your role in the organization?
  1. Portfolio manager
  2. Program manager
  3. Project manager
  4. Program coordinator

Q2. What percentage of the total distribution is 3 sigma from the mean equal to?

  1. 68.26 percent
  2. 99.99 percent
  3. 95.46 percent
  4. 99.73 percent
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Q3. Nancy is engaged in the construction of three office buildings. Although the construction sites are in various places, she has managed each team efficiently to complete the work on time and within budget. Which of the following statements describes the effort Nancy is doing?

  1. Construction of each building is an operational work because it is repetitive in nature.
  2. The building construction is considered neither a project nor operational work.
  3. Construction of all three buildings is considered one project.
  4. Construction of each building is a project because each building is separate in nature.
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Q4. A detailed milestone list is created as an output of what process?

  1. Sequence Activities
  2. Define Activities
  3. Develop Project Charter
  4. Develop Schedule
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Q5. The project you are working on has an increase in cost effectiveness, increased productivity, and increased morale. What might be the reason for these changes?

  1. Project objectives are in line with those of the performing organization
  2. Increased quality
  3. Management’s focus on cost containment
  4. Rewards presented for individual efforts
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Q6. Resource requirements are determined:

  1. Before the project schedule and after the network diagram
  2. After the project schedule and project scope statement
  3. After the project schedule and WBS
  4. Before the project scope statement and the network diagram 43
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Q7. The project manager of a highly visible project is new to project management. He has carefully followed the steps to create a project management plan. During a status meeting, two of the team members argue over what needs to happen next. Whose responsibility is it to correct the problem?

  1. The team
  2. The project manager
  3. The functional manager
  4. the individual team members who disagree
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Q8. Using the chart, if the duration of activity D changes to 9, what would you need to include in your performance report?

  1. The project will be completed later than expected
  2. Everything on the project is going to according to plan
  3. The project will be completed early
  4. The risk of the project not being completed is now greater.
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Q9. Eric, a project manager, is a certified PMP. He is responding to an RFP from a buyer and needs to fill in details on his company’s financial performance. His company has performed poorly during the current quarter, and the results will be published in two to three days. However, the company has done very well in the previous quarters. The RFP is due in 10 days, and all the information in the RFP is complete except the financial information. What should Eric do?

  1. Eric should fill in the information for the previous quarter and ignore the current quarter. This is an aberration, and the company will eventually come out of the bad patch.
  2. Eric should present the previous quarter's results as the latest results. This will give his company a better chance to win the project.
  3. Eric should fill in the financial information for the previous quarter and send out the RFP response before the current quarter results are published.
  4. Eric should wait until the current results are out and update the latest financial information before sending out the RFP response.
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Q10. When a project is executed under contract, the contractual provisions will generally be considered as _____________ for the project.

  1. Constraints
  2. Exclusions
  3. Deliverables
  4. Provisions
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