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Project Management Question Bank

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You have been working on a very large software development project that has made use of more than 230 people. Finally, all the scope has been completed. It would be BEST to:
  1. Throw a party for the team members
  2. Make sure the project is integrated with the other projects.
  3. Begin to focus on your other projects
  4. Analyze project success or failure

Q2. Which of these items are important to address when determining each person's role in the project team?

  1. Role, authority, responsibility, and competency
  2. Role, responsibility, and competency
  3. Role and responsibility
  4. Role, authority, and competency
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Q3. Validate scope is the process which helps increase the chances that the client will accept the deliverable. Here, the client reviews the verified deliverable from the control quality process. Which of the following statements is true about validate scope process?

  1. You complete this process with the client
  2. You and your team members complete the process
  3. It is performed by QA / QC personal
  4. None of the above
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Q4. You have met with your project sponsor who told you that you must complete the project by the end of the year, no exceptions. This should be included in the project scope statement as a:

  1. Project Constraint
  2. Project Boundary
  3. Project Acceptance Criteria
  4. Project Assumption
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Q5. Which of the following should be avoided while applying logical relationships to project activities:

  1. Applying the SS relationship with a lead
  2. Applying the SS relationship with a lag
  3. Applying the SF relationship
  4. Applying multiple relationships between the same activities
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Q6. A project manager discovers that two team members discussed what was needed to complete a work package on the project and made many changes to the project scope. The work package is now completed and the team members are planning to go on to the next work package. In looking at what was done, the project manager determines that the work does NOT meet the requirements of the project. What is the BEST course of action for the project manager?

  1. Add another work package, formatted with the correct scope, to the project.
  2. Refuse the submittal of the work package.
  3. Have the team begin the work package again and include the incident in their performance reviews.
  4. Ask the team member’s manager to assign different people to the work package.
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Q7. Which process group corresponds to the “do” part of the plan-do-check-act cycle?

  1. Closing
  2. Monitoring and Controlling
  3. Planning
  4. Executing
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Q8. A project manager is having problems with how two of the parts fit together on the new computer and the software uploads to the system. To plan a strategy for resolving these problems, it is BEST to determine if the problems are:

  1. Nonconforming
  2. Statistically independent
  3. Impacting quality
  4. Normally distributed.
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Q9. Who has the cost risk in a fixed price (FP) contract?

  1. The team
  2. The buyer
  3. The seller
  4. Management
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Q10. The approximate resource costs necessary for completing project activities are compiled during which project management process?

  1. Cost Reserve Analysis
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Cost aggregation
  4. Forecasting.
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