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For a c chart, the OC curve plots the ______________ against ______________.
  1. Probability of Type 2 error, true mean number of defects
  2. Probability of Type 1 error, true mean number of defects
  3. Probability of Type 1 error, true total number of defects
  4. Probability of Type 2 error, true total number of defects

Q2. Learn how to tell when nothing can be gained from further discussion. This refers to which of the following discussion skills in meetings?

  1. Acting as gatekeepers
  2. Closing the discussion
  3. Asking for clarification
  4. Testing for consensus
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Q3. Which award is presented to different organizations for quality and excellent performance by president of USA?

  1. Malcolm Balbridge National Award
  2. Dr. W. Edward Deming National Award
  3. US Excellence Award
  4. None of the above
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Q4. The treatment mean square (MSTR), Mean Square Error (MSE). If the true means of the k populations are equal, then MSTR/MSE should be:

  1. more than 1.00
  2. a positive number close to 1.00
  3. a positive number close to 0.00
  4. a negative value between 0.00 and - 1.00
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Q5. The main purpose of the Improve Phase is to:

  1. Develop a SIPOC map
  2. Put plans in place to maintain the gains made
  3. Identify the critical measures of the process
  4. Identify the creative solutions that solve the validated root causes
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Q6. Check the following statements for being applicable to JIT

  1. JIT is only useful in a high product variety environment
  2. JIT pushes inventory through the operations process
  3. JIT will overcome poor component manufacture
  4. JIT seeks to reduce inventory in an effort to reduce waste
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Q7. In a six sigma improvement project the least experienced individuals are:

  1. Red Belts
  2. Master Black Belts
  3. Green Belt
  4. Black belts
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Q8. Lot tolerance percent defective (LTPD) is a level of lot quality specified by the ______________.

  1. Consumer
  2. Producer
  3. Supplier
  4. Sampling Plan
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Q9. Which of the following document(s) is (are)'included in the quality system?

  1. Commitment
  2. All of the given options
  3. A quality policy
  4. Customer focus
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Q10. Total quality costs include:

  1. Prevention costs
  2. Appraisal costs
  3. Failure costs
  4. All of the given options
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