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What does the lean manufacturing aims to?
  1. Outsource much of our manufacturing in order to focus on final assembly
  2. Produce goods using less resources compared to mass production techniques
  3. Produce products with fewer options to simplify consumer choices
  4. Keep labor costs as low as possible by using more of other resources

Q2. If we want to detect small process shifts using x bar chart, we should use a sample size of:

  1. Less than 5
  2. 5-10
  3. 10-15
  4. 15-25
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Q3. Zero Defects is an element of the quality management philosophy that is a ______________ for all workers to be achieved ______________.

  1. standard; at all times
  2. standard; whenever possible
  3. standard; during critical operations
  4. slogan; whenever possible
  5. slogan; most of the time
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Q4. The thickness of aluminum sheet is specified to be of 6±2 mm. The Upper Specification Limit and Lower Specification Limit for the sheet are:

  1. 4mm, 8mm
  2. 8mm, 4mm
  3. 6mm, 8mm
  4. 4mm, 6mm
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Q5. ______________ can be defined as small subset of a lot.

  1. Defect
  2. Fraction Acceptable
  3. Sample
  4. Acceptance Number
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Q6. What is the relationship between Ishikawa and Deming?

  1. Grandson and grandfather
  2. Son and father
  3. Nephew and uncle
  4. Student and teacher
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Q7. TQM stands for ______________

  1. Total Quality Management
  2. Total Quantity Management
  3. Total Qualitative Management
  4. To question management
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Q8. Learn how to tell when nothing can be gained from further discussion. This refers to which of the following discussion skills in meetings?

  1. Acting as gatekeepers
  2. Closing the discussion
  3. Asking for clarification
  4. Testing for consensus
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Q9. In order to achieve long-term quality improvements, management must do the following:

  1. Implement a formal quality control program with worker and management involvement
  2. Establish financial incentive packages for workers
  3. A and D
  4. Motivate the employees with seminars, contests, and institution of programs such as "Quality Improvement" day
  5. Create a quality control department and give the head of the department ultimate responsibility for quality improvement
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Q10. "Quality is defined by the customer" is

  1. An unrealistic definition of quality
  2. A user-based definition of quality
  3. A manufacturing-based definition of quality
  4. A product-based definition of quality
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