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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Communication Skills Question Bank

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Forecasting determines organizational:
  1. performance
  2. feedback
  3. objectives and policies
  4. budget

Q2. Filters that affect the content of a message are in:

  1. the mind of the speaker
  2. the mind of the listener
  3. the minds of both the speaker and the listener
  4. the medium of communication
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Q3. When introducing ourselves, we should use:

  1. only the surname
  2. both the first name and the surname
  3. only our first name
  4. only our designation
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Q4. A limitation of informal communication is that it is:

  1. false
  2. inadequate
  3. unwarranted
  4. personal
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Q5. People from other countries can be easily put at ease by speaking to them in:

  1. their language
  2. English
  3. sign language
  4. your own language
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Q6. A memorandum (memo) is considered a brief form of written communication for:

  1. external use
  2. internal use
  3. legal use
  4. formal use
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Q7. As a sympathetic listener, you should consider the message from the point of view of:

  1. yourself
  2. others
  3. the audience
  4. the speaker
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Q8. The word communication is derived from communis (Latin) which means:

  1. oral speech
  2. community
  3. common
  4. message
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Q9. Human communication is essentially:

  1. imperfect
  2. short-lived
  3. perfect
  4. emotional
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Q10. As a process of sharing thoughts and ideas, communication suffers mainly from:

  1. physical barriers
  2. both physical and non-physical barriers
  3. gender differences
  4. non-physical barriers
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