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Project Management Question Bank

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You identified a risk in your project that is difficult for you to manage, therefore, you give the responsibility to manage this risk to an outside source. What kind of risk response strategy is this?
  1. Accept
  2. Avoid
  3. Transfer
  4. Exploit

Q2. The project manager must identify ____________, determine their requirements, and then manage and influence those requirements to ensure a successful project.

  1. Functional managers.
  2. Stakeholders
  3. Scope.
  4. End users
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Q3. You are looking at the standard reports that the project management office has supplied, you see network diagrams and bar charts. In which of the following circumstances would you ALWAYS use a network diagram instead of a bar chart?

  1. To track progress or to report to the team
  2. To show logical relationships
  3. In the Define Activities process
  4. To report to senior management
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Q4. While working on a deliverable which is 95% complete, two stakeholders come and enquire about it. They argue with you that this deliverable was not part of the project and it was not requested by any stakeholders, which you disagree with. Therefore, to prove your point, which document will you show them?

  1. Requirements traceability matrix
  2. WBS
  3. Project scope statement
  4. Product scope
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Q5. If you want to compress a project schedule, what are two of the recommended alternatives to consider?

  1. Fast Tracking and Schedule Network Analysis
  2. Crashing and Fast Tracking
  3. Resource Levelling and What-If Scenario Analysis
  4. Crashing and Schedule Network Analysis
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Q6. What leadership style should you employ during the first 2 weeks of project planning?

  1. Coaching
  2. Directing
  3. Supporting
  4. Facilitating
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Q7. You are over budget and it is impossible to complete the project with the given budget. Therefore, you raise the change request which management approves. After the change request is approved, you update the cost baseline and update other project documents. The document used to register any changes which occur during the project execution is known as:

  1. Risk register
  2. Issue log
  3. Change log
  4. RACI matrix
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Q8. A project manager needs to determine the resources needed for the project. Select the primary process from the following options.

  1. Estimate Activity Resources
  2. Develop Schedule
  3. Plan Resource Management.
  4. Develop Human Resource Plan
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Q9. A project manager has to resolve two problems. Both problems can occur in a single trial. In this situation, what is the BEST action the project manager can take?

  1. Develop a solution for each problem.
  2. Develop a solution that solves both problems.
  3. Use a statistically independent trial
  4. No solution is needed; the two problems cancel each other out.
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Q10. During the Identify Risks process, a project manager identifies a risk that, no matter what the company does, a dire could occur in the building during the test. It would be BEST to _____ the risk.

  1. Deflect.
  2. Accept
  3. Avoid
  4. Change
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