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Project Management Question Bank
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You have signed a contract to have a customer care support system built for your company. In this contract, you have mentioned that you will pay all costs incurred plus a monetary benefit if you are happy with the work and the contractor fulfills some conditions set in the contract. What type of contract is this?
  1. Cost plus incentive fee
  2. Cost plus award fee
  3. Time & material
  4. Fixed price incentive fee

Q2. You have noticed that some of your team members are not attending meetings, a few are always late and are frequently disruptive. Therefore, to remove these issues you set guidelines and establish clear expectations regarding acceptable behavior by project team members. Who will be responsible for implementing these rules?

  1. Project manager
  2. Client
  3. Management
  4. All team members
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Q3. All of the following are parts of the Plan Quality process EXCEPT:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Cost-benefit analysis
  3. Inspection
  4. Design of experiments.
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Q4. Martin is the project manager of a project that is in an early phase. He needs to estimate costs but finds that he has a limited amount of detailed information about the project. Which of the following estimation techniques is least suited to his requirements?

  1. Top-down Estimating
  2. Bottom-up Estimating
  3. Analogous Estimating
  4. Budgetary Estimating
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Q5. When a product or service completely meets a customer’s requirements:

  1. Quality is achieved.
  2. The cost of quality is high
  3. The cost of quality is low
  4. The customer pays the minimum price.
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Q6. You were in the middle of a two-year project to deploy new technology to field offices across the country. A hurricane caused power outages just when the upgrade was near completion. When the power was restored, all of the project reports and historical data were lost with no way of retrieving them. What should have been done to prevent this problem?

  1. Purchase insurance
  2. Plan for a reserve fund
  3. Monitor the weather and have a contingency plan
  4. Schedule the installation outside of the hurricane season.
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Q7. Which of the following techniques can help clarify the structure, requirements, and other terms of the purchases so that mutual agreement between a buyer and a seller can be reached prior to signing the contract?

  1. Independent estimates
  2. Advertising
  3. Bidder conferences
  4. Procurement negotiations
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Q8. Which of the following processes includes asking team members about the time estimates for their activities and reaching agreement on the calendar date for each activity?

  1. Sequence Activities
  2. Develop Schedule
  3. Define Scope
  4. Develop Project Charter
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Q9. Resource requirements are determined:

  1. Before the project schedule and after the network diagram
  2. After the project schedule and project scope statement
  3. After the project schedule and WBS
  4. Before the project scope statement and the network diagram 43
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Q10. Due to corporate restructuring, the project sponsor, a major stakeholder, and the CEO have level the company. The project manager’s project is past the halfway point and the remaining members of the management team have been lukewarm toward the project. The new CEO does not place a high value on project management methodology, and the project team is nervous about its future. Under these circumstances, what is the project manager’s primary responsibility?

  1. Try to determine if the tea should continue to work on the project.
  2. Ensure that a conflict of interest does not compromise the legitimate interests of the customer.
  3. Interact with others in a professional manner while completing the project.
  4. Provide accurate and truthful representations in all project reports.
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