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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Communication Skills Question Bank

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The percentage of working time business executives spend in listening is:
  1. 40 to 60 per cent
  2. 30 to 70 per cent
  3. 40 to 50 per cent
  4. 20 to 80 per cent

Q2. A limitation of informal communication is that it is:

  1. false
  2. inadequate
  3. unwarranted
  4. personal
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Q3. A presentation is a form of oral communication in which a person shares factual information with an audience that is:

  1. mixed
  2. specific
  3. large
  4. small
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Q4. The presenter acts as the:

  1. medium of the information
  2. supporter of the information
  3. advocate of the information
  4. deliverer of the information
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Q5. In oral communication, what matters most is:

  1. where you say it
  2. what you say
  3. when you say it
  4. how you say it
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Q6. The word communication is derived from communis (Latin) which means:

  1. oral speech
  2. community
  3. common
  4. message
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Q7. When introducing ourselves, we should use:

  1. only the surname
  2. both the first name and the surname
  3. only our first name
  4. only our designation
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Q8. Listening, like speaking, reading, and writing, is:

  1. a habit
  2. a skill
  3. an art
  4. a gift of nature
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Q9. A memorandum (memo) is considered a brief form of written communication for:

  1. external use
  2. internal use
  3. legal use
  4. formal use
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Q10. The effectiveness of oral communication depends on the speaker’s ability to use:

  1. foreign words
  2. complex words
  3. simple language
  4. long sentences
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