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15 Jobs to be in demand over the next 15 years

15 Jobs to be in demand over the next 15 years
It is impossible to predict all the jobs that will be available to young people at the end of this century. However here are some of the jobs that will be in demand over the next 15 years.


Teachers – especially of physics, math, computer science and languages - are in short supply although the numbers of children moving into secondary schools are growing. Education is a vital stepping stone for accessing a wide range of career opportunities and that’s why we need teachers!


Life science’s jobs will be hugely demanded in the future. Epidemiologists research the causes and effects of viruses and diseases in an increasingly global society - following the recent Covid-19 pandemic are needed more than ever.


Agronomists are experts in soil management and work to improve the growing of crops. With the concern about food supply around the world, we must look to continuously adapt farming methods.

Robotics engineer

All engineers are in demand but those with high coding and software skills are in great demand in areas such as biomedical engineering, warehousing and logistics, agri-tech and high-tech manufacturing such as driverless vehicles. Engineers are well paid and their skills are sought all over the world.

User experience (UX) designer

Help make the user’s experience pleasurable and uncomplicated, combines branding, design, function and usability for websites, apps and other digital platforms to. It’s a key area for online retail, education, banking and finance and many other digital services.

Cyber security expert

Cybercrime is serious, so the government is seeking to address the problem by providing specialized training to encourage young people to choose this growing sector.


Where hospitals still suffer from a shortage of nursing staff

Carpenters and joiners

The construction industry in UK needs thousands of skilled people to take up both manual and non-manual tasks. Apprenticeships can help plug the gaps in roles such as wood trades, bricklaying and electrics.

Software developer

Computer programming skills are the UK's most sought-after area of expertise - they are needed everywhere! From games to artificial intelligence to business, and other possibilities yet to be imagined.

Data analyst

Data analysts can keep track of the vast amount of digital information stored about people, their behavior and their preferences and what can it all tell us, they can help us to make sense of situations and scenarios by presenting complex data in a clear way.

Maintenance technician

While some jobs on the production line might be at risk due to automation, humans will still be needed to make sure the machines run smoothly.


The UK TV and film sector is extremely good at special effects and to keep it that way we need homegrown experts.

Countryside officer

Nature conservation– protect woodlands, open moors or a stretch of coastline – helps to improve the environment and encourage people to enjoy and respect it. Countryside or conservation officers do work that we all benefit from in one way or another.

Care worker

The number of people aged 75+ expected have doubled by 2039 meaning a huge demand for people to work in care, these can be hugely rewarding careers with plenty of opportunities to progress.

E-sports coach

Competitive online gaming is getting more and more popular. With some big prizes to be won, players need to make sure they have that competitive edge. An esports coach can help with strategy, motivation and fair play.

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