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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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The exclusive center of interest in low-context communication is:
  1. individual perceptions
  2. context
  3. emotional factors
  4. information

Q2. The presenter acts as the:

  1. medium of the information
  2. supporter of the information
  3. advocate of the information
  4. deliverer of the information
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Q3. A memorandum (memo) is considered a brief form of written communication for:

  1. external use
  2. internal use
  3. legal use
  4. formal use
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Q4. Culture refers to:

  1. attitude
  2. rules of behaviour
  3. behavior
  4. thinking
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Q5. In an interview when you do not know an answer, you should:

  1. bluff
  2. admit you do not know the answer
  3. remain quiet
  4. keep guessing
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Q6. As compared to unannounced negotiation, formal negotiation:

  1. is simpler
  2. is more time consuming
  3. requires less preparation
  4. is more difficult
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Q7. Most of our waking time goes in:

  1. writing
  2. hearing
  3. reading
  4. speaking
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Q8. Form letters are also known as:

  1. bad news letters
  2. persuasive sales letters
  3. formal letters
  4. circular letters
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Q9. Body talk is also known as:

  1. leakage
  2. noise
  3. physical communication
  4. overflow
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Q10. Initially, a presentation is a form of:

  1. group communication
  2. one-way communication
  3. two-way communication
  4. intrapersonal communication
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