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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Communication Skills Question Bank

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In organizations, the flow of communication sometimes slows down because there are too many:
  1. channels
  2. hierarchical levels
  3. departments
  4. managers

Q2. The final aim of negotiation is to:

  1. reach an agreement
  2. implement an agreement between two parties
  3. end a dispute
  4. win at all cost
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Q3. Negotiation implies that both parties accept that the agreement between them is:

  1. subject to further dispute
  2. conditional
  3. final and binding
  4. necessary
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Q4. The application letter and the résumé perform:

  1. two different tasks
  2. the same task
  3. overlapping tasks
  4. two opposite tasks
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Q5. Business letters produce immediate effect because they are:

  1. brief
  2. formal
  3. informal
  4. interesting
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Q6. In general, human beings are:

  1. perfect communicators
  2. poor communicators
  3. indifferent communicators
  4. good communicators
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Q7. Letters that please the receiver are called:

  1. “yes” letters
  2. invitation letters
  3. good-news letters
  4. routine letters
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Q8. To create a cooperative, understanding, and pleasant work environment in an organization, decision-making should be:

  1. quick
  2. strong
  3. flexible
  4. transparent
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Q9. Non-verbal communication does not involve:

  1. words
  2. silence
  3. gestures
  4. space
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Q10. Most of our waking time goes in:

  1. writing
  2. hearing
  3. reading
  4. speaking
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