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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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Culture is embedded in our:
  1. gestures
  2. expressions
  3. minds
  4. beliefs

Q2. One’s negotiation objective should be:

  1. personal
  2. social
  3. ideal
  4. realistic
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Q3. Culture is embedded in our:

  1. gestures
  2. expressions
  3. minds
  4. beliefs
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Q4. Business letters produce immediate effect because they are:

  1. brief
  2. formal
  3. informal
  4. interesting
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Q5. As a host, you would invite visiting foreign guests to a business dinner:

  1. through a messenger
  2. by writing an invitation letter
  3. by announcing the dinner at a meeting
  4. personally, face-to face
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Q6. In international business, the trend to “go local” has led to local people and foreign experts performing as:

  1. trainee and trainer
  2. hosts and guests
  3. a team
  4. workers and employers
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Q7. To make a presentation effective and impressive, you should use:

  1. a simple and active form of sentences
  2. jargon
  3. passive sentences
  4. complex sentences
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Q8. At an Arab business party, alcohol is:

  1. not served at all
  2. served first
  3. served last
  4. served continuously
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Q9. The foremost barrier to oral communication is:

  1. interestedness
  2. poor listening
  3. humility
  4. concentration
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Q10. The audience for a presentation consists of people who:

  1. are confused in their purpose
  2. are uninformed and lack a purpose
  3. are uniform in their level of information and purpose
  4. vary in their level of information and purpose
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