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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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In business telephone calls, when making a request always use:
  1. the interrogative form
  2. the imperative form
  3. the passive form
  4. direct categorical statements

Q2. Grooming is a form of non-verbal communication that is:

  1. hierarchical
  2. arbitrary
  3. subconscious
  4. conscious
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Q3. The word communication is derived from communis (Latin) which means:

  1. oral speech
  2. community
  3. common
  4. message
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Q4. To select the content of your presentation, you should know:

  1. your purpose
  2. the time limit
  3. the audience’s needs
  4. the available material
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Q5. Modern business letters are usually written in:

  1. simplified style
  2. full-block style
  3. indented style
  4. semi-block style
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Q6. The foremost barrier to oral communication is:

  1. interestedness
  2. poor listening
  3. humility
  4. concentration
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Q7. As a sympathetic listener, you should consider the message from the point of view of:

  1. yourself
  2. others
  3. the audience
  4. the speaker
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Q8. When a listener abstracts partially, listening is:

  1. obstructed
  2. slanted
  3. helped
  4. distorted
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Q9. A serious listener concentrates on:

  1. the speaker’s physical appearance
  2. the message
  3. other thoughts
  4. the speaker’s body language
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Q10. Persuasion is an essential element of effective negotiation because it helps in:

  1. resolving disputes among people
  2. effecting agreements and solutions in the interest of all
  3. achieving one’s own interests
  4. settling issues between two parties
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