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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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At an Arab business party, alcohol is:
  1. not served at all
  2. served first
  3. served last
  4. served continuously

Q2. The effectiveness of oral communication depends on the speaker’s ability to use:

  1. foreign words
  2. complex words
  3. simple language
  4. long sentences
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Q3. Persuasion is an essential element of effective negotiation because it helps in:

  1. resolving disputes among people
  2. effecting agreements and solutions in the interest of all
  3. achieving one’s own interests
  4. settling issues between two parties
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Q4. Informal negotiation involves:

  1. two people
  2. three people
  3. four people
  4. any number of people
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Q5. Speakers usually experience difficulty in ensuring that the message is:

  1. acted upon promptly and as desired
  2. understood correctly
  3. conveyed precisely, understood correctly, and acted upon promptly and as desired
  4. conveyed precisely
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Q6. When introducing ourselves, we should use:

  1. only the surname
  2. both the first name and the surname
  3. only our first name
  4. only our designation
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Q7. The group discussion evaluates the candidate’s ability to:

  1. lead others
  2. argue with others
  3. confer with others on a given subject
  4. control others
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Q8. In business, oral communication is suitable for:

  1. recording things
  2. delaying the decision-making process
  3. discussing things
  4. confusing workers
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Q9. In international business, the trend to “go local” has led to local people and foreign experts performing as:

  1. trainee and trainer
  2. hosts and guests
  3. a team
  4. workers and employers
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Q10. Effective communication is essentially a:

  1. one-way process
  2. both a one-way and a two-way process
  3. two-way process
  4. three-way process
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