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Communication Skills Question Bank
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The set of norms of behavior and attitude in every workplace is:
  1. self-evolved
  2. nationally laid down
  3. internationally prescribed
  4. dictated by the board

Q2. Between a speaker and a listener, the closest zone of personal space possible is:

  1. friendly
  2. social
  3. public
  4. intimate
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Q3. An e-mail’s style is determined by a person’s:

  1. English
  2. culture
  3. status
  4. communicative ability
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Q4. Good business letters are characterized by the following personal quality of the writer:

  1. seriousness
  2. humour
  3. formality
  4. sincerity
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Q5. In business, the purpose of writing is mainly to:

  1. inform
  2. persuade
  3. entertain
  4. Both inform and persuade
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Q6. As compared to unannounced negotiation, formal negotiation:

  1. is simpler
  2. is more time consuming
  3. requires less preparation
  4. is more difficult
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Q7. Initially, a presentation is a form of:

  1. group communication
  2. one-way communication
  3. two-way communication
  4. intrapersonal communication
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Q8. Negotiation implies that both parties accept that the agreement between them is:

  1. subject to further dispute
  2. conditional
  3. final and binding
  4. necessary
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Q9. In writing business letters, one has to be:

  1. conventional
  2. formal
  3. dull
  4. friendly
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Q10. A reflective listener:

  1. ignores the details
  2. thinks about the speaker’s message
  3. appreciates the message
  4. repeats the message’s essential parts
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