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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Communication Skills Question Bank

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Cultural intelligence helps us to know cultural:
  1. rules of behaviour
  2. similarities
  3. differences
  4. rituals

2. In many parts of the world, such as Latin America and India, keeping the eyes lowered is a sign of:

  1. evasiveness
  2. timidity
  3. respect
  4. dishonesty
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3. In business, oral communication is face-to-face:

  1. in all situations
  2. in no situation
  3. in all but one situation
  4. in some situations
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4. The final aim of negotiation is to:

  1. reach an agreement
  2. implement an agreement between two parties
  3. end a dispute
  4. win at all cost
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5. Paralanguage is a kind of action language that refers to:

  1. body language
  2. personal space
  3. actual words
  4. the tone of voice, speed of speech, and hesitation
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6. An e-mail’s style is determined by a person’s:

  1. English
  2. culture
  3. status
  4. communicative ability
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7. To create a cooperative, understanding, and pleasant work environment in an organization, decision-making should be:

  1. quick
  2. strong
  3. flexible
  4. transparent
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8. In an organization, the functional areas are:

  1. production, marketing, and finance
  2. finance, production, and communications
  3. communications, production, and marketing
  4. marketing, communications, and finance
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9. The group discussion evaluates the candidate’s ability to:

  1. lead others
  2. argue with others
  3. confer with others on a given subject
  4. control others
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10. Oral communication is better than written communication for:

  1. providing opportunity to refer back
  2. conveying facts and opinions
  3. conveying feelings and emotions
  4. saving time
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