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Communication Skills Question Bank

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Form letters are also known as:
  1. bad news letters
  2. persuasive sales letters
  3. formal letters
  4. circular letters

2. Business letters produce immediate effect because they are:

  1. brief
  2. formal
  3. informal
  4. interesting
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3. An e-mail’s style is determined by a person’s:

  1. English
  2. culture
  3. status
  4. communicative ability
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4. Meta-communication conveys a meaning that is:

  1. directly stated
  2. graphically communicated
  3. incompletely conveyed
  4. implied
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5. Persuasion is an essential element of effective negotiation because it helps in:

  1. resolving disputes among people
  2. effecting agreements and solutions in the interest of all
  3. achieving one’s own interests
  4. settling issues between two parties
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6. In negotiations, the interpretation of a cue requires skill because it may be:

  1. verbal
  2. behavioural
  3. intentional
  4. ambiguous
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7. In issuing instructions, one should avoid the:

  1. imperative form
  2. subjunctive form
  3. active voice
  4. passive voice
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8. Speakers usually experience difficulty in ensuring that the message is:

  1. acted upon promptly and as desired
  2. understood correctly
  3. conveyed precisely, understood correctly, and acted upon promptly and as desired
  4. conveyed precisely
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9. In organizations, the flow of communication sometimes slows down because there are too many:

  1. channels
  2. hierarchical levels
  3. departments
  4. managers
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10. Good business letters are characterized by the following personal quality of the writer:

  1. seriousness
  2. humour
  3. formality
  4. sincerity
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