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Communication Skills Question Bank

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In many parts of the world, such as Latin America and India, keeping the eyes lowered is a sign of:
  1. evasiveness
  2. timidity
  3. respect
  4. dishonesty

2. Oral communication is the interchange of _____________ between the sender and receiver.

  1. signs and gestures
  2. cues and clues
  3. verbal messages
  4. written messages
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3. Giving non-verbal messages is:

  1. deliberate
  2. spontaneous
  3. tutored
  4. a dramatic skill
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4. Between a speaker and a listener, the closest zone of personal space possible is:

  1. friendly
  2. social
  3. public
  4. intimate
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5. Human communication is essentially:

  1. imperfect
  2. short-lived
  3. perfect
  4. emotional
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6. As compared to unannounced negotiation, formal negotiation:

  1. is simpler
  2. is more time consuming
  3. requires less preparation
  4. is more difficult
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7. A serious listener concentrates on:

  1. the speaker’s physical appearance
  2. the message
  3. other thoughts
  4. the speaker’s body language
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8. Modern business letters are usually written in:

  1. simplified style
  2. full-block style
  3. indented style
  4. semi-block style
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9. People from other countries can be easily put at ease by speaking to them in:

  1. their language
  2. English
  3. sign language
  4. your own language
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10. In organizations, the flow of communication sometimes slows down because there are too many:

  1. channels
  2. hierarchical levels
  3. departments
  4. managers
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