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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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Business letters produce immediate effect because they are:
  1. brief
  2. formal
  3. informal
  4. interesting

Q2. The final aim of negotiation is to:

  1. reach an agreement
  2. implement an agreement between two parties
  3. end a dispute
  4. win at all cost
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Q3. Forecasting determines organizational:

  1. performance
  2. feedback
  3. objectives and policies
  4. budget
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Q4. Grooming is a form of non-verbal communication that is:

  1. hierarchical
  2. arbitrary
  3. subconscious
  4. conscious
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Q5. In general, human beings are:

  1. perfect communicators
  2. poor communicators
  3. indifferent communicators
  4. good communicators
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Q6. Positive gestures are body signals that make you look:

  1. arrogant
  2. hurtful
  3. nervous
  4. relaxed
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Q7. Oral communication is the interchange of _____________ between the sender and receiver.

  1. signs and gestures
  2. cues and clues
  3. verbal messages
  4. written messages
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Q8. The word communication is derived from communis (Latin) which means:

  1. oral speech
  2. community
  3. common
  4. message
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Q9. The principles of effective writing include:

  1. accuracy
  2. clarity
  3. brevity, clarity and accuracy
  4. brevity
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Q10. Oral communication is also known as:

  1. non-verbal communication
  2. verbal communication
  3. impersonal communication
  4. face-to-face communication
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