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Communication Skills Question Bank
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In business, a manager spends most of his or her time in:
  1. speaking
  2. meetings
  3. planning
  4. writing

Q2. In organizations, the flow of communication sometimes slows down because there are too many:

  1. channels
  2. hierarchical levels
  3. departments
  4. managers
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Q3. The purpose of a “no” response letter is to leave the reader with:

  1. unpleasant feelings
  2. minimum disappointment
  3. no future hope
  4. reasons for the rejection of the request
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Q4. In an interview when you do not know an answer, you should:

  1. bluff
  2. admit you do not know the answer
  3. remain quiet
  4. keep guessing
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Q5. Generally speaking, in business we communicate:

  1. only to entertain
  2. only to persuade
  3. only to inform
  4. to both persuade and inform
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Q6. As compared to unannounced negotiation, formal negotiation:

  1. is simpler
  2. is more time consuming
  3. requires less preparation
  4. is more difficult
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Q7. In business, oral communication is face-to-face:

  1. in all situations
  2. in no situation
  3. in all but one situation
  4. in some situations
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Q8. People from other countries can be easily put at ease by speaking to them in:

  1. their language
  2. English
  3. sign language
  4. your own language
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Q9. Good business letters are characterized by the following personal quality of the writer:

  1. seriousness
  2. humour
  3. formality
  4. sincerity
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Q10. Listening and hearing refer to:

  1. different things
  2. mental and physical acts, respectively
  3. a specific act versus a general act
  4. the same thing
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