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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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Simplicity in writing means essentially:
  1. plainness
  2. the use of simple sentences
  3. the use of simple words
  4. the use of simple tense

Q2. To select the content of your presentation, you should know:

  1. your purpose
  2. the time limit
  3. the audience’s needs
  4. the available material
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Q3. Speakers usually experience difficulty in ensuring that the message is:

  1. acted upon promptly and as desired
  2. understood correctly
  3. conveyed precisely, understood correctly, and acted upon promptly and as desired
  4. conveyed precisely
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Q4. In oral communication, what matters most is:

  1. where you say it
  2. what you say
  3. when you say it
  4. how you say it
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Q5. In many parts of the world, such as Latin America and India, keeping the eyes lowered is a sign of:

  1. evasiveness
  2. timidity
  3. respect
  4. dishonesty
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Q6. Oral communication is the interchange of _____________ between the sender and receiver.

  1. signs and gestures
  2. cues and clues
  3. verbal messages
  4. written messages
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Q7. Letters that please the receiver are called:

  1. “yes” letters
  2. invitation letters
  3. good-news letters
  4. routine letters
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Q8. A clarifying listener:

  1. explains the message
  2. elaborates the speaker’s underlying thoughts and feelings
  3. illustrates the message with examples
  4. repeats what is said
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Q9. Modern business letters are usually written in:

  1. simplified style
  2. full-block style
  3. indented style
  4. semi-block style
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Q10. An individual’s behavior in a foreign society becomes noticeable when it ____________ in relation to the foreign culture.

  1. conforms
  2. deviates
  3. irritates
  4. overlaps
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