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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Communication Skills Question Bank

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The simplified style business letter has:
  1. a subject line
  2. a complimentary close
  3. indentation
  4. a salutation

Q2. A summary placed at the beginning of the CV acts as a:

  1. preface
  2. letter of recommendation
  3. statement of objectives
  4. synopsis
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Q3. Managing as a process does not organize:

  1. goods
  2. labor
  3. capital
  4. material
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Q4. The exclusive center of interest in low-context communication is:

  1. individual perceptions
  2. context
  3. emotional factors
  4. information
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Q5. A negotiation is discussed in a tone that focuses attention on the need to reach a satisfactory solution by:

  1. making proposals
  2. joint problem-solving
  3. setting conditions
  4. force
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Q6. Paralanguage is a kind of action language that refers to:

  1. body language
  2. personal space
  3. actual words
  4. the tone of voice, speed of speech, and hesitation
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Q7. Giving non-verbal messages is:

  1. deliberate
  2. spontaneous
  3. tutored
  4. a dramatic skill
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Q8. Listening and hearing refer to:

  1. different things
  2. mental and physical acts, respectively
  3. a specific act versus a general act
  4. the same thing
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Q9. An individual’s behavior in a foreign society becomes noticeable when it ____________ in relation to the foreign culture.

  1. conforms
  2. deviates
  3. irritates
  4. overlaps
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Q10. In writing business letters, one has to be:

  1. conventional
  2. formal
  3. dull
  4. friendly
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