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Production Chemist, Lion, Perth WA, Australia

Production Chemist, Lion, Perth WA, Australia
Posted on: Dec.24.2022

Production Chemist, Lion, Perth WA, Australia

Bringing to life tasty ales and delicious beverages, Little Creatures are known for quenching thirst. Situated next to The Great Hall, the Brewery is where the magic happens. As part of the Quality Team, the Production Chemist is crucial in ensuring standards are met time and time again.
In this role, you will work effectively and proactively as part of a shift-based team to examine, test, and analyse material to ensure safe delivery of food product. Additionally, you will coordinate/manufacture food product & deliver on site metrics whilst pursing improvements in safety, environment, quality, value, and process excellence.

This role will be based on site at the Little Creatures Brewery, located in Fremantle, WA. This role is a permanent, full-time opportunity. This role will offer $81,629 base

Skills and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering
4 years’ experience within a high volume, high production brewery environment
Previous experience in sampling, media preparation, testing techniques, and identification
Sound technical laboratory skills (including reagent prep, pipette use, membrane filtration, and equipment calibration)
Relevant machine and technical aptitude to run highly automated, fast, and complex machinery
Good understanding of Food Quality Systems

Role Responsibilities

Complete manufacturing standard work (via documented quality control procedures) to test and evaluate product (their chemical & physical properties) against targets, specifications, or metrics.
Ensure products meet food safety, legality & consumer standards – for flavour, taste, colour & nutritional content.
Using manual, auto and/or semi-automated equipment and laboratory instrumentation to operate and monitor food manufacturing processes.
Be proactive and learn the processes that will improve and optimise our equipment. Look for and implement improvements in operations and processes.
Use Lean (FI, VMs, Asset Care, 5S,) and ISO practices as directed including participating in and leading problem solving when required.

At Lion, we choose to be a leader in driving inclusion, diversity, and gender parity. We have an ambitious goal to reach at least 40% representation of both men and women in all teams in all areas of the business. Are you hesitating to apply because you don’t think you meet all the criteria? If you believe you are aligned with our values at Lion, we’d encourage you to still click on that apply button so we can explore your unique skill set and the value you could add to one of our teams.


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