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QHSE, Emirates Flight Catering, Dubai, UAE

QHSE, Emirates Flight Catering, Dubai, UAE
Posted on: 4/27/2023

QHSE, Emirates Flight Catering, Dubai, UAE

Job Description

1.      Ensure that collection and storage of food, water and environmental samples complies with the in-house procedure.
2.      Conduct microbiological analysis of food, water and environmental samples in accordance with EKFC Food Safety Laboratory sampling plan following accredited methods and strictly adhering to good laboratory practices and internal quality control. 
3.      Interpret analysis results and gives feedback through e-mail to the concerned department, Food Safety Manager on detected pathogens and results which are repeatedly not conforming to the microbiological specifications or standards.
4.      Ensure collection and analysis of follow up samples and/or meal components within 24 hours after failed analysis result has been observed.
5.      Ensure timely submission of analysis results and submission of sample sheets for typing and generating laboratory reports.
6.      Ensure monitoring of environmental conditions/parameters in the laboratory including temperature and humidity as per the requirement and corrective actions are taken in case of non-conformance to the standard.
7.      Ensure compliance with preventive maintenance and calibration program for laboratory equipment.
8.      Conduct performance verification of equipment which directly affects the test results including incubators, water bath, autoclave and oven.
9.      Issuance of non-conformity report for samples that fail the follow up analysis and/or meal component analysis depending on the nature of the sample.
10.  Conduct monthly inventory of laboratory glassware, consumables, and culture media to ensure minimum inventory is maintained at all times.
11.  Raise purchase requisition for procurement of laboratory glassware, consumables, reagents and culture media.
12.  Reception and storage of laboratory glassware, consumables, reagents and culture media based on specifications and in compliance with reception and storage procedure.
13.  Investigation and respond to non-conformity reports related to airline complaints or other food safety related issues.
14.  Conduct E-audit, supplier approval/accreditation and surveillance audits in compliance with EKFC’s requirements on food safety and ensure timely submission of audit reports.
15.  Conduct TBT (Tool Box Talk) among staff based on a monthly basis.
16.  Inspect staff accommodation camps for cleanliness, housekeeping, pests and structural defects as per schedule.
17.  Conduct in-house calibration and/or verification and issuance of calibration certificates for probe and gun thermometers use at EKFC business units.

18.  Check/verify conformance of storage chiller and freezer temperature to the acceptable limit through the continuous computerized temperature monitoring system and ensure corrective actions are taken in case of non-conformance to the standard.
19.  Conduct random checks/inspection at the shop floor to verify implementation and compliance with food safety practices and generate shift report in case of non-compliances observed.
20.  Assist Food Safety Manager in implementation and compliance with Occupational Safety Programs and Quality Management System within the department.

KRA's / KPI's

Maintain up-to-date list of all categories of food supplier in conjunction with Sourcing solutions .  Ensure all potentially hazardous local food suppliers are inspected at least once a year and non-hazardous local food suppliers every 2 years. Guarantee all overseas food suppliers complete EKFC’s supplier audit assessment document once a year.
Investigate all food complaints or food safety related issues with concerned suppliers.
Maintain comprehensive filing system for EKFC food suppliers for the purpose of inspection by airlines/auditors/municipality inspectors etc.
Inspection of supplier delivery vehicles in terms of cleanliness, maintenance, temperature control, pest infestation, food product packaging and labeling.
Report to Food Safety Manager in ways to improve food hygiene and food safety standards of food suppliers.


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