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Strategy and Transformation Manager, Xylem, Dubai, UAE

Strategy and Transformation Manager, Xylem, Dubai, UAE

Posted on: Mar.28.2023

Strategy and Transformation Manager, Xylem, Dubai, UAE

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy Planning & Development
•Support the Strategy Director in translating the strategic plan into an execution-focused annual plan.
•Drive and facilitate strategy alignment across dependent teams.

Project Management Office (PMO)

•Ensure an effective project structure and organization, as efficient work processes throughout the project lifecycle. Ensure projects are properly scoped and documented, assess bottlenecks within project team to streamline workflow.
•Develop project schedule, define timeframe, and prioritize tasks to achieve project milestones and deliver intended objectives. Monitor progress and initiate actions to meet project milestones, timelines, specifications, and requirements.
•Proactively report and communicate on project status & risks (escalate appropriately to mitigate or drive resolution). Create and maintain applicable KPIs to drive action based on results. Collate and report out on progress of the shared goals (OKRs).

Data Analytics & Problem Solving

•Gather and structure relevant data (internal & external sources) and use analytical and problem-solving skills to provide analysis, insights and solutions that support critical business decisions for growth opportunities, product improvements and process optimization.
•Break down complex problems into discrete tasks, identifying the key aspects of a problem. Effectively plan and execute analysis as well as identify the core issues in complex analyses to be able to craft suitable recommendations.

Process Improvement & Change Management

•Analyze the impact of business initiatives, make recommendations, and propose changes.
•Set up operational processes to support leaders run the business skillfully, which includes clarifying accountability, putting structure and framework, as well as seeing through business-critical success metrics.
•Surface partner/customer pain points within the journey management process, to identify improvement opportunities.


1.     4-7 years of experience with a preference for those with a Management Consulting or Strategy Consulting background and / or a similar role in a leading technology company with a proven experience of leading cross functional large-scale initiatives.
2.     Strategic thinking and planning, effective at breaking down complex and ambiguous problems, building strategic frameworks and driving and managing change.
3.     Strong project management and change management skills. Certifications such as PMP, Six Sigma, Lean or/and Agile Methodologies preferred.
4.     Strong data skills with advanced knowledge of Excel, SQL, Tableau, Power BI or similar.
5.     Strong organizational skills, with the ability to implement and optimize project framework, plans and work processes in partnership with cross functional project teams.
6.     Strong communication skills, logical thinking, and sense of accountability. Fluent in English, Arabic is a plus.
7.     Storyteller and great presenter: Capable of summarizing big ideas in crisp stories & use cases. Creating actionable reports for stakeholders.
8.     Curiosity and empathy: ability to speak to someone for a short span of time and understanding their core concerns, motivations, and what would be necessary to create value for them.


•Masters or advanced degree from a top academic program


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