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Innovation Specialist, Food, BRF, Dubai, UAE

Innovation Specialist, Food, BRF, Dubai, UAE

Posted on: May.10.2022

Have you ever imagined to be part of one of the biggest food companies in the world?
Nourish life is our commitment. This is not limited to food production - it extends to projects, initiatives and causes we embrace. In order to deliver quality products, we have a team dedicated to innovating every day. We have more than 90,000 employees worldwide. A large team that has a global vision, without leaving aside the local needs.

Each member of our team is important to make BRF one of the largest food companies in the world. We are guided by values that serve as a compass for our work. Ethics in all actions, transparency in our value chain and innovation are non-negotiable points for us.
Come and join us to be part of this food giant!
BRF values and promotes an inclusive and diverse culture. We consider persons with disabilities for all our opportunities.

Job Description

The Innovation Specialist is enabling sustainable growth through designing and developing the Innovation Pipeline for our main categories in MENA Region. This person will be responsible to lead several projects under the Innovation funnel, implementing the Stage Gate Methodology, leading from concept exploration and validation, through product development, build and approve the final business case and coordinate the agenda between internal and external stakeholders to guarantee the on-time project deliverables. Comply with BRF Sustainability Policy guidelines, ensure adherence to BRF Sustainability Plan through activities in its routines that promotes compliance with the indicators and global ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments of the Company, ensuring the connection between its actions and sustainable development in the BRF chain.

• Portfolio Management: Provide information about the whole MENA portfolio. Receive, compile, and analyze the market demands to best allocate resources through a team internal alignment
• Map key opportunities: Support research on new consumer trends (B2C). Work closely with ingredients supplier to understand Food Service trends (B2B). Participate in innovation fairs and forums to stay connected with new technologies and get inspiration
• Innovation Funnel - Gate 0: Idea Generation: Organize Idea generation meetings with internal stakeholders and ingredients suppliers to generate innovative concepts.

• Innovation Funnel - Gate 1: Explore: Define and approve Project Priorities, Basic Criteria desired (Sensory, product, packaging, target cost and price positioning), Key product Claims and validate with Consumer / Brand / Regulatory & Legal. Define Financial Targets (Volume, price, PM and cost)
• Innovation Funnel - Gate 2 & 3: Development + Plan: Deliver final product formulation, marketing proposition, P&L Inputs and Financial Analysis to approve Business Case, Internal Feasibility and CAPEX initial approval , Create a risk matrix assessment, Align first production with S&OP and production

Academic Background

Business or Engineering major, BBA minimum

Desirable requirements

• Budgeting experience
• Analytical:
• Problem solving
• Strong communication
• Written presentation skills
• Leadership
• Quality management:
• Clear and confident judgment
• Strong project management skills


• Minimum 5 years in Marketing function, with minimum 2 years in Innovation or NPD
• Coming from FMCG, Pharmaceuticals or Consumer Electronics - preferably food FMCG
• Preferably with direct or indirect experience with Project Management under Stage Gate Methodology (Waterfall)
• Fluency in English. Arabic is a plus but not a must
• Solid foundation of marketing experience in B2C branded products
• Experience in Innovation and NPD field
• Deep knowledge with Project Management
• Understanding of Consumer Insights / Research tools and methodologies
• Building reports to inform internal stakeholders of the status of the Innovation & NPD Pipeline

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