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Quality and Hygiene Officer, Majid al Futtaim, Dubai, UAE

Quality and Hygiene Officer, Majid al Futtaim, Dubai, UAE

Posted on: Dec.20.2022

Quality and Hygiene Officer, Majid al Futtaim, Dubai, UAE

Role Purpose:

Provide technical support & advice to operational staff and other teams to ensure compliance with all relevant food safety, processing and technical standards

Role Summary

In the role of QA Associate, the key focus will be to assist in the production of safe food, which meets customer specification and legal requirements by ensuring the effective operations of agreed procedures through regular auditing and process/product control

Processes and Procedures

Sample, test, audit and monitor to verify that all processes, procedures and products are being manufactured in a safe and compliant manner
Conduct verification checks to ensure equipment is suitably calibrated to comply with required standards
Complete all necessary documentation, ensuring that it is kept accurate and ready for internal and external audits and highlighting when non-conformance requires corrective action
Maintain on going communication with the team and other relevant functions ensuring they are fully aware of quality assurance results
Collect all relevant samples (products, swabs, water samples etc.), with adherence to procedures and protocols, to ensure quality, safety and legality of products sampled
Ensure that a safe working environment exists for all employees and that as a minimum the department meets the standards set out in the safety, health and environment policy
Train employees on food safety requirements to ensure compliance with regulations.
Conduct risk assessment and enforce preventative measures.
Review existing policies and measures and update according to legislation.
Inspect premises and the work of personnel to identify issues or non-conformity.
Record and investigate incidents and customer complaints.

Human Capital Responsibilities

Participate in professional development opportunities to improve leadership and technical skills pertaining to the direct line of work
Apply and follow MAF Retail’s Human Capital and corporate policies, relevant procedures and instructions

Finance Responsibilities

Ensure alignment of procedures in accordance with the Delegation of Authority (DOA)


Site management
Operational staff
Raw material suppliers
External labs


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