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Executive-Product Innovation, IFFCO, Dubai, UAE

Executive-Product Innovation, IFFCO, Dubai, UAE

Posted on: 3/14/2023

Executive-Product Innovation, IFFCO, Dubai, UAE

Job Summary

Planning and Managing 3rd party production and QC processes to ensure alignment with IFFCO Just Chill Drinks requirements and delivering consistently and efficiently on FG range across all beverage product groups by ensuring consistent scale of R&D developments and control of proprietary information related to product design

Roles & Responsibilities

In collaboration with cross-functional and external experts, generate both commercially and financially viable innovation ideas and prototypes for both B2C and B2B markets aligned to the organizations target market and overall business strategy.
Design products within cost/ nutrition/ legal requirements for the GCC region and other international markets
Scaling up R&D design and Solutions at plant level
Timely planning, batching & Production scheduling, and execution at manufacturing sites.
To manage 3rd party engagements with effective communication & Co-ordination with internal and external stakeholders (SC/QC/Procurement/Finance/Shop floor)
To be accountable for all the finished products, packaging materials and minimize the losses.
Work actively with other functions like Quality, Supply Chain, commercialization and Maintenance.
Meet with supervisors and inspect facilities for compliance with standards, determining methods to resolve any issues that arise.
Verification & recording its documents related to JCDC production and QC processes and ensure quality procedures, standards and specifications are met.


New products innovation or development
Scaling up of innovations in manufacturing
Implementation of Quality Management Systems for JCDC portfolio
Improve controls RM/PM and FG with standardization of documents from lab to manufacturing units

Work experience requirement

3 to 5 years of hands on experience.


Food Technologist OR Any Biological Science OR Dairy Technologist


Food Technology and Trends
New Product Development
Food Regulations
Analytical Ability
Documentation and Reporting
Communicating effectively
Driving Results
Self and Team Management
Planning & Decision Making
Customer Centricity
Ownership & Result Orientation

Business Unit:  IFFCO Beverage Solutions (4678)
Business Group:  S&D(GCC) (240)


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