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Vacancy: Junior HSE Advisor, Canada

Vacancy: Junior HSE Advisor, Canada

Junior HSE Advisor

LNG Canada location is based out of Kitimat, BC.

The main goal on this location is to be the safest project on earth . This requires a high level of safety professionalism, low-risk tolerance with a safe-production approach, and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

This role has a large focus on administrative tasks to better understand the processes as a Junior Advisor – requiring the advisor to be in the field approximately 50-60% of the time, unless otherwise instructed by their direct report. Office tasks must be completed on spec and on time.


Health & Safety

Documentation & reporting :

*BBO Management, including:
-Entering all EVJV BBO s into log
-Compiling contractor BBO submissions for submittal to JFJV
*Permit to Work (PTW) Retention, including:
-Scanning and filing of all PTW and maintenance of PTW log on SharePoint
*Training Room calendar maintenance, including storing on SharePoint
*Maintenance of other tracking logs as requested by Direct Reports
*Updating KPI board at site entrance (hours worked, total employee #, etc.) weekly
*Conduct both EVJV and FVJV Focus Audits as requested, including:
-Entering data into spreadsheets
-Liaising with client (JFJV) or subcontractor personnel as necessary
-Communication of results and corrective actions with subs, including follow-up on action closure
*Conduct weekly EVJV Orientation (or more frequent, as needed) – includes:
-Filing of orientation documentation
-Entering personnel information into Orientation Tracker on SharePoint

Meeting & Walks :

*Participate in morning contractor toolbox meetings – being prepared to speak as required
*Participate in weekly HSE walks (environmental, COVID, contractor walks)
-Enter data into post-walk assessment tools
*Participate in weekly EVJV HSE meetings
-Enter data and attendance sheets into SharePoint
-Entering contractor Safety Meetings into SharePoint

Incident Investigations :

*May participate as an observer only when requested by Direct Report
*Shall not be responsible for managing incident investigations alone

Other HSE Responsibilities :

*Intervening on un-safe behaviours as noticed, while following reporting protocol for site
*Updating sound decibel boards daily


*Daily Environmental Inspections as per JFJV requirements
-Includes site walk for animal footprints/activities
-Checking for potential bird nesting
-Confirmation that garbage disposal on-site in alignment with Tervita protocol
-Confirmation no eating/drinking on site
*Spill incident investigation participation (for minor spills only)
*Development and maintenance of project Environmental Work Plans with guidance from HSE Management Team (lead, deputy, manager)
*Completion of site, client, and regulatory environmental inspections
*Completion of retrieving soil samples for submission to testing labs for any contaminated materials (soil, water, etc.) and coordinate required disposal
*Weekly Environmental Metrics maintenance
-Request metrics from subs and compile weekly report for submission to JFJV


*Minimum 1-year field HSE experience (commercial/industrial construction or oil & gas)
NCSO or CSO, or equivalent
*Working towards Certificate or Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
*Basic knowledge of WorkSafeBC legislation
*Skilled in Microsoft – Excel, Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and Teams
*Organized and able to multi-task
*Excellent time management capabilities
*Strong oral communication skills with the ability to public speak as requested
*Developing critical thinking skills while learning legislative and site requirements
*Excellent English speaking and writing abilities
*High degree of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management)
*High-level interpersonal skills for working with:
*Trades personnel (boilermakers, welders, carpenters, crane operators, labourers, etc.)
*Middle management (supervision, other HSE advisors)
*Able to follow chain of command for already established organizational hierarchy
*Able to influence without authority and collaboratively with site stakeholders


*40-50% of time sitting at a desk (may vary depending on site scope)
*Climbing stairs – tank height over 100 – must be physically capable to climb multiple times per day
*Working in confined/enclosed space – tank internal
*Climbing ladders – multiple on location – must be physically capable to climb ladders
*Working in loud environments – double hearing protection required in certain areas
*Working in heat – summer temperatures
*Working in cold – winter temperatures

Contract from now to October! Interested? We want to meet you!


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