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Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Engineer,United Arab Emirates, Umm-Al Quwain

Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Engineer,United Arab Emirates, Umm-Al Quwain
Posted in: Jun.02.2021

Job Number: WD30117214144

Continuous Improvement Engineer

As the Continuous Improvement Engineer you will be responsible primarily for implementing lean manufacturing principals to increase profit and reduce costs and create value and remove waste. As a Continuous Improvement Engineer you will be creating a lean culture championing Continuous Improvement mentality and leading with a lean mindset across our RTI / RTG / RTH manufacturing site. You will collaborate with regional and global lean teams to lead the lean transformation for your site. This will include building local lean muscle for the leadership and site-based teams and collaborating with all teams within the site to identify opportunities for; kaizen improvement, share best practices, identifying improvements to all KPIs (CRSD, OEE, Value Added Time etc.). Lead and support site leadership in performance improvements with CI tools such as Lean fundamentals, change models and 6 Sigma methodologies.

How you will do it

You will be part of our world class manufacturing business and your duties will include: looking after and continuously improving all aspects of manufacturing, attending daily production meetings, health and safety meetings, delivering projects to remove waste, create value and remove costs. Additionally you will be expected to support increasing yields, delivering meetings and presentations and engaging with the senior management team and external sites within the JCI group to share best practice.

What we look for Required

*Bachelor Degree in Engineering related subject (Or Equivalent)
*Experience working in a manufacturing environment
*Demonstrable track record of delivering cost saving to a business


*Six Sigma Green Belt or higher
*Train with lean and VSM

Application and more details

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