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Vacancy: Food Development Manager,Garhoud, Dubai - UAE

Vacancy: Food Development Manager,Garhoud, Dubai - UAE
Posted on: Jun.09.2021

Job Purpose:

• To efficiently manage and supervise all kitchen productions in all outlets to ensure high standards of food quality, health and hygiene
• To effectively design food products in line with Brand requirements

Functional Roles and Responsibilities:

Functional Roles and Responsibilities:
• Monitor compliance of local laws and company policies relating to hospitality/food industry and ensure all outlets adhere and operate to the strict statutory requirements and established health , hygiene and safety policy and standards
• Monitor food quality and consistency to ensure food presented is of highest quality and standard as per the agreed menus and standards.
• Supervise daily food production operations to ensure it is in accordance with the Municipality standards and compliant with any Government related food handling regulations.
• Monitor stock levels to maintain optimum efficiency and ensure efficient turnaround of perishable stock within the permissible time frame.
• Constantly review supplier pricing with Supply Chain to minimize the cost of sales.
• Ensure complete and thorough knowledge of usage of all kitchen machinery and equipment.
• Acknowledge and address all customer feedback through management to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
• Create food menu cycles within brand parameters to be introduced whenever restaurant menus are agreed to change, ensuring that those cycles are up to date with the latest culinary trends within the market

People Management Roles and Responsibilities:

• Provide leadership and direction to subordinates towards the achievement of goals and objectives.
• Guide and motivate subordinates to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher level roles

Education/Certification and Continued Education:

• Graduate in a relevant technical or business related discipline
• Tertiary qualification in Hotel Management

Years of Experience:
8 to 10 years relevant experience

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