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Vacancy: Project Manager, IBM, Riyadh, KSA

Vacancy: Project Manager, IBM, Riyadh, KSA

Posted on: Jun.18.2021


At IBM, our Project Managers excel by leading and coordinating a project team’s overall performance, scope, cost, and deliverables. Our clients rely on timely and efficient status reports, and as Project Manager, you will drive the charge with project direction, metric definition, and performance management. If you are ready to help our clients and project teams succeed, we would love to meet you!

Your Role and Responsibilities

*Defines, Plan and Implements repeatable project/programs plans and procedures.
*Design and implement applicable Governance Framework and management communication strategy with Customers and various stakeholders.
*Leads project teams to achieve milestones and objectives.
*Define the project life cycle and the major milestones within that life cycle
*Define the products\\functions to be delivered at each stage of the life cycle and estimate the time required
*Structure the project into tasks, activities and deliverables and dependencies
*Determine & Plan budget and resources per task, activity, deliverables and define roles and responsibilities
*Manages approved budgets for projects or programs
*Present project status to the Project/Program Steering Committee
*Control any scope changes through a clear Change Management procedure.
*Ensure that quality policies and processes are implemented and managed.
*Responsible on the project documentations, maintaining repository and version control of documents.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

*Experience in project management.
*Hands-on working experience with Transition and Transformation and Change Management methodologies and best practices.
*Experience on Transition and Transformation methodology from ITIL, COBIT framework.
*Experience in services projects with multi-service partner involvement for an end to end project implementation
*Broad business exposure and direct experience in implementation of technology business change and process improvement initiatives.
*Certification PMI and/or Prince2 and experience in project management framework and best practices.
*Candidates must have excellent communication skills in English, Arabic is preferred

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