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Vacancy: Inventory Quality Assurance Manager, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

Vacancy: Inventory Quality Assurance Manager, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK
Posted on: Jun.26.2021

You will be reporting to the Country Head of Service Assurance within Technical Operations department.


This person will develop the Quality Assurance process and procedures that will safeguard the physical and electronic data inventory for our site portfolio. They will oversee manned, electronic and automated audit regimes that will ensure that the asset inventory we hold remains accurate whilst c.4000 project per year rollout 5G and expand the estate. This person will also work with industry experts to direct the use of cutting-edge technology to keep our assets physically safe from theft and vandalism. We aspire to deliver excellent customer services and drive a reputation that our sites are the best in the Industry. This person will define and implement new and better ways of working, using cutting edge tools and technology to support our rapidly increasing product portfolio and points of customer presence.


*Ensure that the Inventory Quality Assurance processes and procedures are comprehensive, fit for purpose, well communicated and aligned to the Industrial Model
*Establish mechanisms for capturing process non-compliance or inefficiency to drive improvement
*Develop tools and techniques to manage data captured by our 'digital twin' drone flight programme to maintain and improve our inventory databases and master site records
*Act as the focal point for Technical Operation's numerous audit programmes, provide guidance and leadership to ensure that any data management or process failures are eliminated
*Responsible for Service Assurance Risks and Issues management for both Internal stakeholders and External stakeholders
*Represent the business at industry level Quality Assurance and physical security forums and working groups
*Ensure physical site security measures align to individual site threat levels and provide rapid response where these threat levels change
*Develop and document a Quality Manual on behalf of Service Assurance
*Ensure compliance with the quality standards set out in the Quality Manual and provide guidance on quality requirements to the wider Technical Operations team
*Ensure Quality Assurance activities continue to satisfy accreditation to ISO 9001
*To log and manage ‘breach of security’ or 'breach of process' incidents, understanding impact to the brand and our customers
*To periodically review process and procedures and make any changes required to ensure that our physical inventory is secure, and our electronic records are accurate
*Measurement and review of current inventory 'health'
*Development and Implementation of improvement plans
*Implement security measure additions to match changing threat levels (fencing, gates, locks, intruder detection / communication etc)
vReport performance against the Industrial Model Inventory SLAs and KPIs
*Manage risks and issues effectively, understand cost v recovery and risk mitigation planning
*Thorough working knowledge of current Health & Safety practices and experience of proactive implementation

Candidate Requirements

The successful candidate will have an ability to think strategically and set direction, be able to lead change in a complex environment engaging effectively with team, suppliers and other stakeholders, be commercially astute, effective at risk management and prioritisation and highly financially and analytically competent. The basics of quality management, financial management and excellent communications skills along with the ability to present complex concepts clearly will be second nature to this candidate. You will have a detailed knowledge of asset management techniques and processes and the skills to drive optimisation of our performance to meet and exceed customer expectation. You should be able to demonstrate a healthy thirst for information and a desire to find all the relevant data that impacts site maintenance and asset health as well as experience of delivering sustainability reporting and improvement programmes.


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