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Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Honda Motor Europe Ltd - Bracknell GB,UK

Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Coordinator,  Honda Motor Europe Ltd - Bracknell GB,UK
Posted on: Jun.23.2021

Location: Bracknell, GB

Company: Honda Motor Europe Ltd

At Honda we embrace inclusion in our various policies, so whilst our contracts state that the hours are as required to fulfil the role with a minimum of 35 hours per week, we offer flexibility for when you work. The regular office hours are 08:00 – 16:00 Monday to Thursday with a half hour lunch break & 08:00 – 13:00 on a Friday. However, we offer flexibility of when you work with our daily flex-time start of between 07:00 and 11:00 providing that there is no business requirement.

Whilst there is no contractual right to work from home, the flexibility we offer is that you can request to work from home for a maximum of 50% of the working days in any one month, again providing there is no business requirement to attend the office.


The Customer Operations Department are dedicated to providing the best possible support to our Dealer Network and customers across all of our Product Divisions.
This role is focussed on ensuring the quality of work completed in the department and maintaining communication channels both internally and with our European resource.
The ideal candidate will also identify, support, and coordinate new initiatives through data analysis to benefit and drive forward positive change within the Customer Operations Department.
The Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator will report directly to the Continuous Improvement Manager and will work closely with the Customer Operations Management Team supporting our focus to enhance our Dealer and Customer experience.

Main Responsibilities:

*Responsible for monitoring quality performance and continuously reviewing the existing quality criteria to ensure we are delivering the best possible service experience.
*Complete monthly coaching sessions, identify areas of improvement and carrying out additional training sessions where necessary.
*Use various internal online platforms to maximise engagement with the entire Customer Operations Department, uploading regular content and communicating relevant process changes to all necessary teams.
*Coordinate with external suppliers and agencies to bring forward and deliver new initiatives.
*Support and coordinate ongoing projects as well as reviewing existing processes and identifying opportunities for improvement.
*Analyse, report, and consolidate data monthly.
*First line contact for our Honda Contact Centre to support daily operations.
*Develop and maintain a central knowledge base for the team to easily gather information and provide an excellent service.

Qualifications, skills and experience required/desirable:

*Excellent time management skills.
*Ability to be flexible and work to tight deadlines.
*Able to prioritise short term, long term, and reactive tasks in a faced paced environment.
*A self-starter, who is able to take initiative.
*Ability to engage and confidently communicate with the entire Customer Operations Department, Honda Contact *Centre, and key stakeholders of varying management levels.
*Innovative and creative thinker who wants to create positive change.
*Previous experience in coaching, driving positive results.
*Outstanding communication skills both verbal and written.
*Great attention to detail to identify possible gaps in process and implement logical countermeasures.
*Ability to forge and maintain relationships with external suppliers and agencies.

Honda is dedicated to the principle of creating equal opportunities within the workplace for all associates, agency workers, contractors, job applicants and visitors.

Central to this is Honda's commitment to be a fair, discrimination free company that accepts the uniqueness and differences of people around the world and adheres to the principle that all people are created equal and we embrace inclusion with our various policies.

This commitment comes directly from the Honda Philosophy and belief that we all work together for a common purpose. Honda recruits, hires, trains and promotes into all levels the most qualified/experienced individuals without regard to race, colour, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other protected characteristic.


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