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Vacancy: QUALITY & FOOD SAFETY SUPPLY CHAIN LEADER, PepsiCo, Kentville, Canada

Vacancy: QUALITY & FOOD SAFETY SUPPLY CHAIN LEADER, PepsiCo, Kentville, Canada

Posted on: Jul.2.2021

PepsiCo Foods Canada
Frito Lay Manufacturing – Kentville, Nova Scotia

As Canada’s fastest growing convenience food company, we’re committed to building a family of tasty, delicious snacks that grows and prospers. As a consumer, you’ve come to trust us for our high quality salty snacks. With five manufacturing facilities, 50 major distribution centers and 70,000 customers from coast to coast, we’re constantly searching for exciting new ways to build on our lasting tradition of fresh products, top-notch service and industry-leading innovation.


The Quality & Food Safety SCL position will lead the quality & food safety agenda at the site to ensure a safe product is delivered to our consumers with respect to our brands high quality standards being met. The Quality & Food Safety SCL is responsible for a team of lab technicians, food safety coordinator, quality assurance technicians and sanitation technicians to ensure that the site abides by the food safety plan and regulations, and by Frito-Lay’s quality standards.


-Responsible for a team of lab technicians and sanitation technicians to ensure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met for department
-Manage food safety & quality agenda for the site
-Lead audits & manage compliance of QAS, ASHA, AIB & F22K programs at the site
-Collaborate with all departments to ensure compliance with quality and food safety requirements
-Manage costs and budget for quality and sanitation departments
-Train and provide technical expertise to the team and broader organization members where appropriate
-Ensure work is being conducted in a safe manner
-Ensure safety and quality of our products for our consumers

Skills & Knowledge Required:

-Demonstrated leadership capabilities and leading for results through others
-High level of skill in coaching teams and working as a team player
-Experience in manufacturing environment
-Excellent communication skills
-Knowledge of computer applications (MS Word/Excel)
-High degree of organizational skills and attention to detail

Minimum Job Requirements:

-Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
-5+ years in manufacturing environment
-Demonstrated people and leadership skills
-Team based approach to decision making


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