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Vacancy: Food & Beverage Supervisor, Parramatta, Australia

Vacancy: Food & Beverage Supervisor, Parramatta, Australia

Posted on: Jul.10.2021

Chartwells provides bespoke fresh food solutions that are unique in the market across independent schools and universities. We are passionate about the role we play in supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of students.
We are currently seeking an experienced and highly motivated hospitality professional to join the Food Services team in the role of Food and Beverage Supervisor.
As a Supervisor, you will guide and lead throughout the shift, with overall responsibility for operations within the capacity of Food and Beverage offering.

Key Duties:

-Full responsibility for supervising, training and coordinating staff
-Model high standards of performance and behaviour
-Assist in developing team commitment, co-operation and performance
-Deliver professional customer service
-Provide food and beverage service

About You:

*2+ years running a food & beverage team
*Team player and good leadership skills
*Good communication skills
*Rostering experience

The Benefits

You can enjoy working with a great team who enjoy providing excellent service. Working with Compass Group means you will experience best in class safety and coordinated systems. We value our people and offer all employees the first opportunity to apply for permanent positions, internal transfers and promotions. We place great importance in looking after our people and offer a variety of learning and development opportunities, reward and recognition programs and a selection of corporate benefits.

If this sounds like you and you want a company that can offer you an entry into a fulfilling hospitality career with a team that is talented and passionate click "Apply now".


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