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Vacancy: Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist, East Gwillimbury-Ontario, Canada

Vacancy: Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist, East Gwillimbury-Ontario, Canada
DEPARTMENT:Community and Health Services Department
BRANCH:Paramedic and Seniors Services Branch
LOCATION:East Gwillimbury / Ontario
DATE POSTED:July 15, 2021
DATE CLOSING:July 28, 2021
$ 44.63 to $ 48.51 per hour
Union position - CUPE Local 905 (York Region Unit)


This position is responsible for supporting the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) projects, in accordance with the Division’s policies, goals and objectives for the Paramedic and Senior Services Branch. The position is responsible for developing, implementing, evaluating and monitoring a full range of CQI activities; tracking and analyzing trends and making appropriate recommendations that will positively impact operational effectiveness and program delivery. The position provides guidance and/or coordination of Divisional assessments related to relevant external accreditation or benchmarking; and providing advice and recommendations to staff and management as the Division’s CQI specialist.


• Provides support in establishing and maintaining a CQI framework in accordance with the Region and Branch’s objectives and policies.
• Develops CQI and planning objectives that are consistent with the mission and ensures that the services provided meet legislated and Regional, Departmental and Divisional standards, procedures and guidelines.
• Supports the development and implementation of CQI indicators/strategies and risk, and utilization management initiatives by providing guidance, facilitation and other forms of consultation, under the direction of management.
• Works to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate all CQI programming within the Division, acting as appropriate and reporting processes and outcomes to management staff.
• Recommends, develops and implements programs to improve service efficiency based on performance indicators.
• Provides guidance, and/or coordination of divisional assessments related to external accreditation or benchmarking.
• Reviews documentation practices, data quality and conducts audits to identify opportunities for improvements to processes or procedures.
• Supports staff development and promotes the expansion of in-house expertise through the creation and implementation of an ongoing CQI education program.
• Leads cross-functional project/program teams in the implementation of CQI activities to support interdisciplinary program planning, delivery and coordination.
• Leads the development, review and assessment of Divisional process maps for all key program and service delivery areas


• Successful completion of a University Degree in Health Sciences, Health Administration, Business Administration, or related field or approved equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Certification in relevant CQI designation or demonstrated knowledge and experience of continuous quality improvement equivalent to the skills acquired through the completion of the program.
• Minimum three (3) years experience in quality management and/or program design, research, business re-engineering, business and project planning, workflow and processing mapping, implementation and evaluation; in a health services field. Knowledge of concepts and principles of Continuous Quality Improvement and of quality and risk indicators.
• Demonstrated ability in York Region corporate core competencies.
• Demonstrated knowledge of relevant Legislation, Standards, Acts and Regulations.


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