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Vacancy: Project Coordinator, Ontario, Canada

Vacancy: Project Coordinator, Ontario, Canada
Posted on: Jul.15.2021

NorthStar, a Utility Billing and Client Information Software (CIS) solutions company, requires an organized Project Coordinator with experience in managing organizational processes within a project organization or PMO. The successful candidate will have a track record in creating, implementing, and managing processes for effective project management. This includes processes for lessons learned, tracking of project metrics and financial milestones and continuous improvement.
NorthStar collaborates with clients throughout North America and the Caribbean. This is a remote position with a work schedule based on the Eastern Time Zone.

What you will be doing:

• Developing expertise in our project management tools and standards
• Collaborating with the professional services leadership team to implement practices to track and monitor key project success metrics
• Ensuring the project management team adheres to project timelines and tracks financial milestones
• Maintaining the sales backlog and initiating projects to meet financial forecasts
• Review team utilization for optimum efficiency
• Managing and building relationships across departments
• Assisting the Project Managers with administrative functions and processes
• Managing projects as required

What we are looking for:

• 2+ years of progressive project management experience, with experience in implementing enterprise software solutions to external clients
• Organized individual with strong analytical skills and attention to detail
• Well-developed business acumen and experience in using software productivity tools
• Energetic individual with a propensity for growth and continuous improvement
• Ability to maintain a calm demeanor in challenging situations

What we can offer:

• Career growth opportunities
• Flexible work conditions
• 3 weeks’ vacation and 5 personal days
• Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision coverage from your first day of employment
• Employee stock ownership and RRSP/401k matching programs
• Lifestyle rewards

About our business:

NorthStar Utilities Solutions is a unique company that has served the utility community in North America and the Caribbean for more than 40 years. Our team members have enabled us to have continuous growth and innovation. We pride ourselves on delivering impressive customer service and standing apart as an industry leader. We are looking for people who are avid problem solvers, crave challenges, embrace technology and grasp complex ideas.

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