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Vacancy: HSE Project Manager, Veghel, Netherlands

Vacancy: HSE Project Manager, Veghel, Netherlands
Posted on: Jul.19.2021

Your challenge

Our challenge is about inspiring and growing safety leaders within our business: how to engage with our customer centres and BU’s to create one global way of working and a proactive safety culture?

For this position, your challenge is flexibility. You are to facilitate HSE solutions for Vanderlande’s worldwide business by managing a range of improvement projects. You are responsible for maintaining momentum and keeping subject matter experts and teams engaged in driving improvement.

Your department

The Vanderlande corporate HSE department reports directly under the board. The department has a global responsibility for all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment and builds and maintains a global HSE network. With ‘Safe Base’ as one of our core values, hundreds of service operations contracts, 3 manufacturing sites, and over 250 significant site projects being executed simultaneously at any given moment, the HSE team is looking to take HSE to the next level.

Your position

As a HSE Project Manager, you are to support global and local HSE teams by managing and rolling out HSE improvement projects. These could be in the area of global HSE tooling & processes, database development, performance reporting, safety critical activities, training development and roll out, standards certification and stakeholder collaboration. You will also support a variety of global HSE activities.

Tasks and responsibilities

In this role, you will:

Develop and maintain Corporate HSE Standards;
Collect and publish “good practices” on these Corporate HSE Standards;
Organize workshops and training based on newly developed Corporate HSE Standards in order to strengthen the HSE Community;
Build and maintain a HSE Management System, meeting the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001, which fits in Vanderlande’s Process Map 2.0;
Hands on advise on HSE.

Your profile

-Bachelor degree in HSE Management;
-2- 5 years of working experience;
-Good communication skills;
-Understanding of HSE legislations;
-Practical knowledge on occupational safety (Working at height, electrical safety, Lock out Tag out, moving machinery, internal transportation, hoisting & lifting, etc.);
-Practical knowledge on Machine Safety;
-Setting of high standards / setting a good example;
-Ability to analyze information & produce written reports / Computer literate;
-Assertive / willing to challenge status quo.

Our company

Vanderlande is the global market leader for future-proof logistic process automation at airports – from London Heathrow to Singapore Changi – and in the parcel market, for main players such as UPS and FedEx. Furthermore, we are also a leading supplier of solutions for warehousing giants, including Amazon and Walmart, which seamlessly integrate innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

If you aspire to a position of responsibility – and want to make a difference by facilitating the delivery of what matters most to consumers, passengers and businesses – then the next step on your path to global opportunities is to join Vanderlande. As part of our network and unique culture of freedom and flexibility, you will be connected to our dedicated people, build strong relationships and rise to the challenge of industry-leading projects.

You will grow, take ownership and make every day better as you continue on the road to success with your spirit of adventure – and fulfil your ambitions for personal development through our Academy. Vanderlande will give you the necessary knowledge, tools and support, so that together we have the confidence and ability to exceed our customers’ expectations in over 100 countries.

To achieve our collective goals, you will have a hands-on role working in a positive environment to deliver tangible, state-of-the-art products and improve the competitiveness of our highly visible customers. As an integral part of our team, you will have the enthusiasm and be driven to reach our destination before your next journey with Vanderlande begins…

What we offer

In the position of HSE Project Manager you will have the chance to make a significant contribution to the safe growth of Vanderlande Industries. Our organisation has been named for several years in a row as ‘Top Employer’ and ‘Best Employer’.
We offer a full-time position in an informal and professional working environment with a lot of scope for personal development. As well as your fixed salary, you will receive the following secondary benefits:

-27 days’ vacation & 13 ADV (working hours reduction) days
-Flexible working hours
-Laptop / phone
-Training facilities
-Travel expenses
-Collective pension scheme and insurance facilities for healthcare, car, WGA (Return to Work Scheme for the Partially Disabled) etc.


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