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Vacancy: Change Management Support Specialist, Belper, UK

Vacancy: Change Management Support Specialist, Belper, UK
Posted on: Jul.26.2021


Our business is going through an exciting period of change, particularly within the area of process digitalisation and implementation of our bespoke change management program.

We have a powerful culture of “We Make It Happen” and whilst agility is vital to our commercial success, so is the quality of our solutions. Provision of valued tools and techniques is not enough to drive the return on investment & to ensure understanding of the key users.

Therefore, we require someone with the skills to deliver business change management, agile problem solving and knowledge transfer.

This key role will make the journey truly effortless, digital and adopted.


-Demonstrated experience of previous success in the running of change management programs.
-An ability to handle customer expectations, provide appropriate actionable insight and provide alternatives options to align business thinking.
-Genuinely excited to help colleagues. Be patient, empathetic, and passionately communicative and love to talk.
-Change management skills.
-Agile project management skills or Total Quality Management skills such as Six Sigma.
-Customer experience management skills and customer journey mapping.
-Experience of designing and delivering educational packages and using learning management systems.
-Ability to coach the tools and techniques.
-Must be a self-starter with the ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively.
-Great presentation skills, with the ability to adapt and deliver different styles to different audiences.
-You will have the determination to be part of a winning team.

The working pattern for this role is 08.30-17.00 Monday –Thursday and 8.30-15.30 Friday. This role is currently located at the Belper site however some weekly travel is expected to our centres of excellence [UK wide locations]. Digital working methods and remote working are options on a flexible basis to meet dynamic job requirements.


-Subsidised private healthcare.
-Flu vaccinations.
-Bike to work scheme.
-Free on-site parking.
-Subsidised restaurant.
-Extensive training for all employees.
-International development programmes.
-Generous pension scheme.
-Wellbeing programme.


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