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Vacancy: Global Influencer marketing manager, Biarritz, France

Vacancy: Global Influencer marketing manager, Biarritz, France
Posted on: Jul.24.2021


Ternoa set out to create time capsules. You heard that right. Thanks to the blockchain this becomes possible!
Transmission is a key subject for all of us, so Ternoa has sought a way to transmit any type of data to our loved ones in an ultra secure manner. Thus, the Ternoa blockchain was born. A technology allowing immutability, decentralization and consensus is evident to accomplish our mission.
Launched at the end of 2020, the French Ternoa project is currently experiencing strong growth. Based in the French “Pays-Basque’, but spreading beyond borders, the team is made up of digital experts, seasoned financial experts, keen communicators, a great team ready to send capsules! Following two fundraising campaigns with angels and strategic funds, Ternoa is looking to expand its teams.
We are looking for a talented and seasoned Global Influencer marketing manager to make Ternoa brand and social media presence thrive. As a deep technolgy company, your biggest challenge will be to acculturate our markets to the benefits of our multiples use cases : Tiime Engine, Tiime Capsule, Secret NFT, etc. As a key people of the company, you will be proactive to push the company to next steps in the brand awareness and audience using latest trends of the influencer marketing.

Job description

-Design and implement global social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies
-Source a large portfolio of top influencers including crypto oriented ones to promote Ternoa and acculturate new audience to our products
-Monitor and propose action plans to grow followers communities and engagement across various platforms such as -Twitter, Telegram, etc.
-Organize and participate in events to boost community and business
-Produce reports & measure results with relevant KPIs for founders board
-Manage the communication team & junior community managers


-5+ years of professional experience as a social media manager or as a communication manager in the tech industry
-Strong knowledge of latest social media and marketing trends
-Networking has no secret for you and you have the ability to build strong relationships with VIP partnerships
-Creative with an out of the box way to think
-Entrepreneurial person with a strong motivation to overperform challenges
-Must be English native speaker or very fluent, with excellent oral/written communication skills
-Someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment with quick feedback loops
-Someone who can distill complex topics into easy-to-digest information

Nice to have

-Previous management role is appreciated
-A confirmed experience in blockchain sector
-Passionate and convinced that blockchain will change the world :)
-4 to 5 hours working hours overlap with europe timezone


-Competitive compensation fees and benefits (including $CAPS)
-Opportunity to work in a multinational and high performance team
-100% remote position

Hiring process

-30 min HR screening
-Meeting with the CMO
-Meeting with the CEO
-Offer proposal

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