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Vacancy: Senior Blockchain Designer, IBM, Sydney NSW, Australia

Vacancy: Senior Blockchain Designer, IBM, Sydney NSW, Australia
Posted on: Jul.20.2021

Thomas J. Watson said it best: “Good design is good business.” Visualization is critical to discovering data-driven insights and effectively communicating that knowledge to others. Designers at IBM work to create experiences that work together, work the same, and work for our clients. Does the thought of creating the platform at the heart of solutions like Watson, Blockchain, IoT, and Security excite you? If so, read on!

Your Role and Responsibilities

Senior Blockchain Designer
-Become immersed in the world of Blockchain technology!
-Own the development of the customer product roadmap
-Senior role within the team

About the Team

Digitization is accelerating the ongoing evolution of business, and clouds – public, private, and hybrid – enable companies to extend their existing infrastructure and integrate across systems. IBM Cloud provides the security, control, and visibility that our clients have come to expect. We are working to provide the right tools and environment to combine all of our client’s data, no matter where it resides, to respond to changing market dynamics.

What will I be doing?

Based in Sydney, this is a senior role within a large team, where you will work with our architects to define the best code to be implemented as you take high level designs and produce the low level designs.
You will be producing designs that deliver to our customers product roadmap for an early life blockchain product, which has a lot of scope for development of new features and enhancements.

What skills/experience will I need?

We’re looking for someone that considers themselves a bit of a technical guru when it comes to writing low level designs with a burning desire to gain blockchain skills. For this role you have at least 8+ years commercial experience developing complex highly scalable solutions.
The tech stack that you’re most comfortable in looks something like this:

API management and integration
Agile methodology
If you also have skills in Golang and blockchain/Hyperledger Fabric that would be a bonus.

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