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Vacancy: Quality & Food Safety Auditor-COCA-COLA - Europe Flexible location, London, UK

Vacancy: Quality & Food Safety Auditor-COCA-COLA - Europe Flexible location, London, UK
Posted on: Jul.28.2021
Location: London, United Kingdom
Job ID: R-58767
Time Type: Full time
Job Type: Regular




For this position we target candidates based in Europe, preferably in a major city with a Coca-Cola office (Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Athens)

It's an exciting time to work at The Coca-Cola Company. We are accelerating our efforts towards being a Total Beverage Company by putting people at the heart of our business and everything that we do. Under the leadership of CEO James Quincey, we continue to be the leading provider of sparkling beverages, juice & juice drinks, and ready-to-drink teas and coffees globally, with a presence in over 200 countries. Our Company’s extraordinary heritage, leading brands, and global scale are driven by a unique culture where people convert their passions into action and enjoy challenging and meaningful work.

The Global Audit Organization (GAO)

GAO is a truly global organization, responsible for the conducting of risk focused/business relevant compliance and systems based audits of The Company’s International bottling operations, manufacturing in over 900+ locations, across the more than 200 countries in which we do business.

Our mission in GAO is simple, yet incredibly challenging and professionally rewarding; to provide critical insights into the Quality, Safety, and Environmental sustainability performance of our Company’s Operations that leads to the protection and enhancement of our brands, trademarks, our people and our reputation. It is a responsibility we do not take lightly, in a Company that serves more than 1.9 billion servings of product around the world…..every day!!

For the Quality and/or Food Safety professional seeking to transition their career to one of the World’s largest and most successful food and beverage companies, GAO provides the most advantageous entry point into The Coca-Cola system. Roles within the GAO program are a 3-5 year journey, and are designed to:

-Develop future Technical leaders through challenging audit assignments
-Provide broad national and international exposure with hands on experience to various Company operations and processes
-Create opportunities to quickly gain the most depth and breadth of experiences and knowledge of the business.
-Drive focused capability building and development of business acumen in a supportive team-oriented environment.
-Enable the most exciting career journey you will ever take

The Opportunity

We are looking for the experienced Quality and/or Food Safety professional who has a proven track record in driving exceptional quality performance, continuous improvement and regulatory compliance within a large FMCG organization, seeking global exposure with one of the World’s largest and most successful food and beverage companies.

The Global Quality Food Safety Auditor is a member of the Quality Safety Environment organization responsible for assuring that all bottling operations manufacturing for, or on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company are producing products of the highest quality, both safely and sustainably, and in accordance with Company and regulatory standards, policies, practices and procedures.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals are responsible for the independent, objective verification of performance of all Coca-Cola system bottling operations. This includes both internal (Company Owned) and external (franchise partners/co-packers) operations.

The Company’s Global Technical Audit Organization is operating as a valued business partner in taking a proactive approach to enabling the Quality, Safety and Environmental performance of bottling operations Worldwide. The Global QFS Auditor plays a key role in contributing to this strategic approach to audit, recognizing the incredible responsibility of not only protecting the value and reputation of one of the Worlds most recognized brands, but enhancing the performance and capability of our system and its people.

This role provides the ultimate opportunity to develop a truly global network, and lay the foundation for a dynamic Technical career with The Coca-Cola Company. It is fast paced, requires an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning, and the courage to step outside your comfort zone and explore the world. It is truly not for the faint at heart……are you up for the challenge?!

Essential Job Functions

-Prepare and conduct independent, risk focused, compliance and systems based audits of TCCC’s worldwide bottling operations (both internal and external) for the purposes of verifying conformance to TCCC’s quality & food safety requirements.
-Rigorously review TCCC’s key food safety & quality performance indicators for information that facilitates and enhances the assessment of business risk, leading to a more effective audit process.
-Leverage investigative skills and techniques to quickly identify risk situations and areas of non-conformance
-Prepare comprehensive, fact based, audit reports that are clear and concise, allowing operations to accurately address the root causes of non-conformances and the subsequent development of effective corrective actions plans.
-Ensure all relevant information is captured accurately, and entered in a timely manner into the Company’s on-line reporting and data warehouse system.
-Assess and provide feedback on the quality of corrective action plans to ensure the effective completion and mitigation of all risks
-Interact and communicate regularly with bottler and Company senior management in the reporting of business risks
-Continuously seek insights and knowledge on industry trends and technology that will further improve the organizations value proposition and performance (for both food safety/quality, as well as from an audit perspective).
-Utilize subject matter expertise to participate in the review, development and enhancement of Company standards, policies and procedures
-Facilitate the development and reporting of organizational metrics that lead to enhanced audit organization / system performance

Technical Knowledge

-Manufacturing: Knowledge of process operating conditions and requirements leading to the successful manufacture of quality products e.g. GMP, GxP, HACCP, SSAFE, GFSI, FSMA
-Problem solving and continuous improvement: Demonstrated knowledge of key tools and techniques used to determine root cause of non-compliance and the subsequent mitigation of risk
-Six / Lean sigma: Foundational knowledge of operational effectiveness / excellence principles that drive efficiency and improved business performance
-Project Management: Knowledge of project management principles and the ability to apply these principles, tools and techniques to develop/plan, manage or execute projects or work plans to ensure successful completion (e.g. on time, within budget).
-Microbiology: Practical knowledge of food and water microbiology used to make judgments about the safety of ingredients, beverages, manufacturing techniques, packaging and storage conditions.
-Chemistry: Practical knowledge of food chemistry used in determining the performance of quality control programs in place in manufacturing operations

Process Skills & Knowledge

-Communication: Effective, oral, written and presentation based skills that lead to understanding, and buy-in.
-Investigative Analysis / Attention to Detail: conduct in-depth assessments of a process, program or activity using various tools and techniques of data collection that leads to a conclusion on performance/risk.
-Critical / System Thinking: the ability to think systemically and holistically in establishing connections and conclusions
-Logic and Reasoning: think clearly and sensibly with both structure and purpose
-Decision making: use facts and information to establish motive. Be aware of the impact of decisions on both short and long term needs of the business
-Risk/change management : understand the impact of change and the need to be purposeful in both communication and actions
-Cultural awareness and sensitivity: recognizing the global nature of our business and the need to be sensitive to various cultural norms and practices
-Working independently / self-starter: entrepreneurial by nature, understanding the size of the opportunity and the ability to influence and shape ones future through proactive engagement and participation
-Continuous learning: constantly seeking information and understanding, with the goal of establishing broader -knowledge, insight and wisdom. Transitioning from the “what”, to the “why” and “how”
-Objectivity: Ability to remain independent and objective. This includes adhering to the facts and standards and not being unduly influenced by operating management.


-5-15 years in an operational quality or food safety role within a leading food or pharmaceutical manufacturing organization
-Experience with implementation of quality assurance, quality control and management system programs and activities (e.g. HACCP, GFSI, ISO9000 / 22000, SPC, continuous improvement methodologies etc.)
-Exposure to recognized quality or food safety legislation such as cGMP, Codex, JECFA FSMA etc.
-Proven track record of driving quality performance as shown by key quality indicators such as defect rates, customer complaints etc.
-Demonstrated effective communication skills (written, oral and presentation)
-Experience with comprehensive root cause analysis and problem-solving methodologies. Demonstrated examples of use of these tools in the solving of quality problems/risk.
-Proven Project Management experience, with examples demonstrating budget, time and resource management performance
-Familiarity with and exposure to lean 6 sigma tools and methodologies
-Understanding of importance of technical governance in delivering a quality product
-Demonstrated evidence of critical thinking, logic, patience, reasoning, empathy, continuous learning and development

Language Skills

-Must be fluent in English (written and verbal)
-Ideal candidates are proficient in additional languages beyond local language.


Minimum Bachelor’s degree in science, engineering or related technical field

ISO 9000 Management system auditor certification.
HACCP certification.
Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) / Certified Quality Manager (CMQ/OE) or equivalent
Green Belt Six Sigma certification
Project Management certification (e.g. Kepner tregoe)
Root cause analysis / troubleshooting methodologies and tools


Minimum 50 % domestic and International Travel. Potential extended periods of time away from home when participating in project related activities or assignments.

Our Purpose and Growth Culture:

We are taking deliberate action to nurture an inclusive culture that is grounded in our company purpose, to refresh the world and make a difference. We act with a growth mindset, take an expansive approach to what’s possible and believe in continuous learning to improve our business and ourselves. We focus on four key behaviors – curious, empowered, inclusive and agile – and value how we work as much as what we achieve. We believe that our culture is one of the reasons our company continues to thrive after 130+ years. Visit Our Purpose and Vision to learn more about these behaviors and how you can bring them to life in your next role at Coca-Cola.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. When we collect your personal information as part of a job application or offer of employment, we do so in accordance with industry standards and best practices and in compliance with applicable privacy laws.


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