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Vacancy: Gas Engineer, San Ramon, California, USA

Vacancy: Gas Engineer, San Ramon, California, USA
Posted on: Jul.29.2021

Requisition ID # 109860
Job Category : Engineering / Science
Job Level : Individual Contributor
Business Unit: Gas Operations

Department Overview

This Gas Pipeline Engineering position is located within the Pipeline Engineering and Design (PED) Section of the PG&E Gas System Operations (GSO) organization. GTE&D is responsible for providing engineering project support for capital improvements to PG&E's gas transmission system, which operates at pressure between 60 to 2160 psig.

Position Summary

This Gas “Pipeline” Engineer will be responsible for providing engineering, technical support, and pipeline design for the gas transmission assets across the PG&E system. The engineer will be responsible for reviewing and approving pipeline project designs for compliance with applicable codes and standards, as well as ensuring a constructible project. This position provides primarily project engineering and technical support for the Strength Test Section of the PED Department. The most qualified candidates for this position shall have an understanding and technical background working with gas distribution and transmission pipelines, pipeline engineering, and pipeline construction and have effective interpersonal and communication skills.

The base work headquarter location is in San Ramon, CA. Training opportunities during the first year might require more travel than that would be required during the normal course of business.


Gas Transmission Pipeline Design: You will be responsible for the engineering and design of the gas transmission facilities, which include gas pipelines, metering facilities, regulating facilities, and transmission service extensions. Knowledge of 49CFR Part 192 and PG&E Gas Standards and Specifications is critical to success. Ensure that all designs meet applicable codes and gas standards. Work with Estimators and Design Engineers to develop construction drawings which you will approve and issue for construction. Develop and maintain a high level of expertise in gas transmission pipeline design, maintenance and operations. Become a subject matter expert in your area of expertise and provide oversight, consulting, technical support and document updates. You must be able to work independently and/or as a member of a team with limited supervision and guidance.

Field Technical Support: Engineering support of projects in construction: 1) manage issues with 3rd parties and other conflicts that arise with the installation of gas transmission facilities. Examples include reviewing 3rd party development plans for impacts to GT pipelines and easements, verify P/L class location, wheel loading, encroachments, etc. 2) Work with the M&C Supervisors and crews and Sr. Gas Distribution Engineers on the design and construction of pipeline facilities. 3) Provide real-time day-to-day engineering solutions and project scoping, technical support.

Planning, Budgeting and Project Management: Responsible for managing gas transmission project engineering for pipeline projects as part of the overall project team managed by Project Management Services. Project phases include: evaluating problems, developing a job scope, evaluating alternatives, justification, budgeting, and pipeline routing, procuring and specifying materials, assisting acquisition of land and right-of-way, providing engineering and estimating, preparing specifications and contracts, and providing construction support and record keeping.

Process Improvement: Participate as needed on business strategy teams, process improvement teams, etc. Work collaboratively with other work groups and departments to achieve desired results. Continuously identify opportunities to improve the way work is done.

Communication: You must proactively communicate with numerous organizations throughout PG&E. Specifically, Transmission System Planning, Project Management, Engineering & Estimating, Gas Distribution Engineering and Planning, M&C T&R and Construction, New Business, General Construction, Real Estate Management, Materials, Applied Technical Services, Gas System Operations, etc. External contacts consist of various third parties such as Cal Trans, Cities, Counties, real estate developers, landowners and construction contractors.


• BS Engineering
•Three (3) years of relevant experience
• Valid California Driver License


• Professional Engineering Registration in Mechanical or Civil Engineering in State of California
• Understanding of Department of Transportation (DOT) 49CFR Part 192 codes and regulations, California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) GO 112F, and ASME B31.8
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to work well in a team environment as well as both an office and field environment
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, Power Point, and Outlook
• Project management experience
• Working knowledge or experience in gas operations or gas system planning
• Experience in developing and administering contracts and specifications
• SAP experience in job ownership, materials, financials


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