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Posted on: Wednesday, 11 August 2021, 3 Muharram 1443
Apply by: Friday, 03 September 2021, 26 Muharram 1443
Location: Riyadh
Department/Section: Admin Section


Supervises, implements and monitors a Quality Improvement Program for all daily departmental functions.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

1. Coordinates all activities related to patient referrals to ensure compliance with the 24-hour response time policy of all cases and prevent delays.
2. Ensures all received cases at Patient Acceptance Centre are forwarded to appropriate Hospital entity in a timely manner.
3. Develops, reviews and facilitates implementation of patient acceptance, medical eligibility policies and procedures.
4. Liaises with Health Information Technology Affairs (HITA) to develop, modify, and maintain databases related to departmental activities. Informs HITA of departmental needs and priorities, and provides necessary information.
5. Compiles data and develop statistics concerning such matters as diagnosis, treatment, physician’s workload and bed turnover. Provides reports related to these matters. Assists with annual and monthly reports.
6. Assists in the preparation and implementation of an in-service and cross-training programs for all personnel involved in patient management activities as assigned.
7. Collects and analyzes data to identify problems which require immediate attention or further study and makes suggestions for improvement.
8. Provides input to correct deficiencies and eliminate problems.
9. Prepares operations and administrative reports as directed.
10. Participates in implementing quality management and quality improvement programs.
11. Participates actively in committees and task forces as assigned.
12. Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
13. Participates in self and others’ education, training and development, as applicable.
14. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Hospital Administration, Business Administration or other related discipline is required.

Experience Required

Three (3) years of related experience with Master’s Degree or five (5) years with Bachelor’s Degree required.

Other Requirements(Certificates)

Saudi National Only.


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