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Vacancy: Senior Continuous Improvement Specialist, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Vacancy: Senior Continuous Improvement Specialist, Amersfoort, Netherlands
Posted on: Aug.17.2021

Can you implement and lead change programs to optimize the performance of our plants across the globe? FrieslandCampina is looking for a high energy, result driven Senior CI Specialist. With our Operational Excellence program you will help us win in the market by making sure our supply chain will deliver better safety, quality, service and cost year on year. Making step-change choices is both exciting and challenging, because it requires us to do new things and turn those choices into determined actions.

What we ask

*At least 8 years of relevant experience in a similar role within the industry, such as Food, Chemical or Pharma from which
*>3 years of line management experience in an operational role
*>3 year of C.I. experience
*A successful track record delivering results in terms of business or projects
*Proven knowledge and experience with working with one or more methodologies like: Lean, TPM / WCOM or Asset management/Maintenance
*Knowledge of target setting and follow up processes; Performance Control Management
*Relevant and demonstrated experience and success in C.I., change management and project management, preferably gained in an international business environment
*Knowledge of tools and systems like production monitoring, OEE, loss analysis and cost savings reporting
*Knowledge of trends and developments in both the C.I. and the Change Management field
*Influencing skills without hierarchical power; proven track record of working in complex organisations and as such
shown to able to create relationships and achieve success via collaboration rather than hierarchy.
*Languages: Dutch & English and preferably one other language

What we offer

-Your salary is based on the weighting of your job, your experience and your training.
-FrieslandCampina does not only compensate its employees with monetary rewards.
-We also consider it important for our people to continue to grow and offer excellent training programs and learnings on the job.
-After all, your development is not only good for your career; our customers and products also benefit from it. The mutual exchange of knowledge between colleagues in your network is also an important growth factor.

Vacancy description

As a Senior CI Specialist you will be part of a team responsible for driving Performance Excellence in our Supply Chain organization globally.
The purpose is to develop and lead a local plant CI team to enable them to define, prepare, lead and execute operational excellence projects/workstreams and support and train participants in order to develop operational excellence capabilities in the organization enabling the methodical and continuous realization of bottom line results, in line with requirements and business needs and conform WCOM guidelines.
As a Senior CI Specialist you actively drive standard development, best practice sharing and capability building via participation in or by leading one or more WCOM pillar teams at BG level. You actively drive and contribute to the continuous improvement of the WCOM program by identifying the need for and developing new or improved standards/templates, training material or WCOM methodologies.
You see the challenge in achieving cooperation from the plants and balance top down and bottom up initiatives to further develop and embed the WCOM way of working. You will actively build networks within RFC within your own CI discipline as well as across discipline to further develop and deploy the WCOM of working within RFC. You understand the complexity is the limited level of tangibility of the output. In fact Output in terms of effective results are (and should be) realized in the businesses. Output of the competence center can be defined in identified processes, established pillars etc: all process related rather than output related.

Key areas of responsibility are:

(1) Manage improvement projects/workstreams by applying CI concepts and standards in the organization in such way that the organizations needs are fulfilled by improving operational results and building capabilities.
(2) Manage relevant stakeholders effectively and provide correct management information regarding results and capabilities on time, so that buy-in for decisions during project/workstream is created, reciprocal expectations are well managed and access to the network of stakeholders is good.
(3) Designing CI standards for ways of working or principles thereof, together with plants and Business Groups such that efficiency and effectiveness in the organization is improved and evaluate the quality of these standards pro-actively and adapt if required.
(4) Coach and train CI Managers and Plant management teams and employees in the effective implementation of Continuous Improvement.
(5) Development CI training materials that is relevant for the successful implementation of practices both on content and for required skills.
(6) Promotion of Best Practices and facilitating and/or providing support with the implementation thereof.
(7) Lead central pillars and foster CI/SC expertise networks internally and participate in networks externally.

Team Details

You will join the Performance Excellence team and will report into the Business Group Director Continuous Improvement. Our team stands for: we do what we say, through a practical and pragmatic approach. We are committed to deliver sustainable value and people are and will be at the core of everything we do.


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