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Vacancy: Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Specialist, Regina SK, Canada

Vacancy: Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Specialist, Regina SK, Canada
Posted on: Aug.24.2016

This position is a key leadership position on the Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory team with responsibility to manage the development and management of FSQR programs that will be utilized across Scoular. The Senior FSQR Specialist will provide guidance and expertise to the business units and external partners to manage expectations and ensure conformance to FSQR programs. This role will support team members with food safety and quality issues, provides a higher level of specialized knowledge of specific segments of our FSQR systems or plant processes to drive change and improve processes. This multifaceted role is expected to collaborate with customers, regulators, suppliers, and other key internal and external partners to resolve issues. In this role, you will step in during incident management practices, assist facilities in the maintenance and execution of the Quality and Food Safety Management System, document management, complaint management and trending, and all compliance requirements. This role is responsible to assess, recommend, report on Scoular’s regulatory programs, contribute to regulatory compliance, and maintenance of necessary approvals. Coordinates and reports on regulatory processes, such as audits, inspections, license renewals, and/or registrations.

Essential Functions:

Understands, evaluates, and manages FSQR programs. Implements new practices and procedures as needed. In-depth management of specific segments of quality management systems (i.e. food safety, instrumentation, computers, specific product lines or other quality systems, etc.), providing support for operations or other functional areas where needed. Provides reliable document management. Reviews and maintains compliance on all documents and certificates pertaining to Scoular business. Independently handle complex issues with minimal supervision, while escalating only the most complex issues to appropriate staff.

Serves as liaison between Scoular, government agencies, and business associations, to keep Scoular businesses informed and in compliance with changes that will affect business.

Provides on and off-site audit and inspection support. Must be available to answer inspector’s requests and provide supporting documents.

Assist facilities with corrective actions related to product quality. Lead the investigation and follow-up of customer complaints. Collaborate with plant managers and other facility leaders within a region to build and foster an effective food safety, quality and regulatory culture. Drive focus on corrective a preventative action implementation.

Provides training to new and current employees. Works with senior managers to provide regular updates on current and future FSQR changes.

Investigate regulatory updates and identify steps to attain compliance. Manage qualification process, as applicable.

Conduct assessment of Suppliers to ensure adherence to Scoular’s Quality program and US FDA Regulatory compliance. Help track monthly business metrics and develop a process to improve understanding of the health of the food safety and quality systems at each facility.

Minimum Requirements

-Bachelor’s degree plus min. 2 years related experience or Master’s degree.
-Experience in Food manufacturing environments.
-Understanding of domestic and international regulations
-Knowledge in international transportation and export procedures
-Proven ability to adapt and manage effectively in fast-paced changing environment
-Team oriented leadership skills
-Ability to multi-task, prioritize work flow and complete tasks with a high level of organization, responsibility, and efficiency
-Knowledge of MS Office, Word, Excel experience is required
-Willing and able to travel, as necessary

Preferred Requirements

-Bachelor’s degree in technical field (science or technology related)
-Manufacturing experience across multiple product types.
-Ability to translate and communicate analytical data and technical knowledge to technical and non-technical, internal, and external stakeholders.
-Experience in Technical Services, i.e., Quality, Food Safety, Auditing
-Knowledge of Quality management tools, i.e. root cause investigation, customer complaint management, data analysis etc.
-Knowledge of FDA and USDA food safety regulatory requirements
-Experience in building, creating, and managing programs.

Physical environment/working conditions:

-Scoular is a Drug-Free Workplace (for more information See the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 or your location’s Federal Workplace Poster)
-Scoular is an at-will employer. Employment is considered voluntary for employees and employers.
-This is a full time job that may require occasional overtime.


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